questionshave you seen the secret 2013 black friday woot…


My Guess on the top line:

"Please read and disregard the following information concerning our upcoming Holiday Promotions:"
...that would be hilarious.

Who came up with the word "wootizens" I feel that word came from deals.woot, did it not? They could have at least spelled it correctly on the document.

To address the question itself, I don't remember the deals last year being anything great as you could find better deals on deals.woot anyway. All of the giveaways are cool and all but not all that exciting for me anymore as I have essentially given up on them.


I keep hoping against hope there will be some really excellent deals on things people actually want, contrary to the recent trend of just serving as a Clearance store for Amazon overstocks and refurbs. So I posted this in that spirit.

I'm hoping for one of the higher-end refurbed HP i7 desktops under $500, personally!


@studerc: you can't expect people to be spell-checking internal memos, can you? Nobody was supposed to see that but us!


@slydon: Not only can we expect it, we do expect it! You folks should have known that someone in this crowd would know how to wrangle a copy of the memo, even if all they got was an NSA-redacted copy.

We takes what we can get. Pays your nickel and takes your chances, as they say.


@bls1: I now see what you do with your spare time in Russa, you leak more secret documents, Edward.


Is there an alternate way of being in the sweepstakes for those of us who refuse to have a Facebook account? I looked around but i didn't see this addressed anywhere, unless i missed it, which is totally possible.


I do not have a FB account but people at work with there head leaned way into the screen scrolling and scrolling seem happy. Every once and a while one will sit up and say 'huh, some random information' lean back in and continue scrolling. (not entirely true I set one up a few years ago to get free stuff once. Do not know name or pw)