questionswhat's the best bang for your buck with internet…


We can't really do a price comparison for you if you don't tell us what you are paying now. Your post lacks some necessary details.


I love my fiber optic internet from Cincinnati Bell, problem being, it's only in the Cincinnati area. 30M down 10M up with telephone and television for $100 is a steal.


By negotiating a bit...we saved over $1,400 per year going from xFinity to AT&T (on like TV service and slightly less speed on broadband). We were a bit nervous about AT&T speeds and customer service, but luckily for us neither have been an issue (we watch NetFlix and Amazon Prime shows online from laptop to TV all the time). I will say that each year I'd call to say I'd switch and XFinity would give a large discount for that year...7 years in a row...this year they didn't, so we switched.

I almost have my wife convinced to ditch "cable" and go all online completely...that will be big savings...


Move to KC and join us for Google Fiber, they install next week and we couldn't be more excited!


I would say "Buyer Beware" with Comcast and Xfinity. They have a way of sneaking the prices up on you over time.


If you have access to verizon fios that is the best. It's a tiny bit cheaper than most other options while being way, way, way faster.


I have Charter at my business. I think its 100x10 and I think its about $275/mo. Very very fast.


@woothulhu: You are lucky TWC/AT&T/the others let them come in. Where I'm at they will not let Google come in even though right across the street is a school with google fiber.

But definitely awesome if you can get it!


@hot72chev: Yup! HATE Comcast / Xfinity. Basically, they raise your rates every six months, claiming that you receive the "promotional rate".

No problem with their product... they just suck as a copany. It is a problem EVERY TIME you deal with them. Notorious for poor customer service.


Forced to use Time Warner Cable - no competition here!

Packaged deal is $245/mo (TV, internet, 2 phone lines). Company I work for (100% telecommuter!) reimburses me $100/mo.

Internet is 50/5 at $65/mo (included in bundle).