questionswhat is your favorite knife for fileting fish? i…


I use a Rapala, but all knives are going to get dull when you're cutting through scales and hitting bones. The bigger the scales and bones the faster your knife is going to dull. I recommend learning to sharpen if you don't already know how. It's definitely a skill but once you master it you won't be bothered by a knife losing its edge since you'll know how to put one back on it with minimal work.


Try to find a Dexter-Russell filet knife @ a local restaurant supply. They are built for commercial use and will last forever. Not nearly as expensive as name-brands but tens of thousands of cooks nationwide use them. As @zuiquan mentioned, you will still need to sharpen it occasionally.


@zippy the pinhead:
Thank you! I caught a salmon and my dad helped me filet it. I noticed that he didn't have a single good filet knife... they were super dull, and I kept sharpening them for him, but they lost the edge really quickly. I was hoping to get him a new one for Father's Day... along with a good sharpener.


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