questionsso, did you get your wootizen crap exchange crap…


That's awesome. I did notice that there were still people posting on the original thread but its nice that this thread was made for the more "final" part of this awesome experiment.

While I have yet to receive my package I am sure excited to get it.


Eep! Were we not supposed to let our recipient know who we were? I may have broken a rule there, then. Sorry if we were supposed to keep it a secret, I didn't know. I left a short note in my box with my woot name on it.

According to USPS, my package has made it to its destination, but hasn't been signed for yet. I think I'm more excited about what my recipient will think than I am about the crap I'm getting myself.


@purplefeather: I too revealed my identity. Your not the only one :)


In regards to the secrecy of who had who: Personally I would like to be able to thank my person for the package they sent. I made sure to put both my username and a short message in the box that I sent...even though it should be simple to figure out since my user name is a simple combination of my last name and my first initial.

Perhaps, @djohnson64055 could copy/paste the original list so we can see who had everyone. Just a thought...


@purplefeather: I don't know. I put my name on the box, and my Woot name too. I didn't do it to take credit for it. I did it because I hate not knowing things. I'm a busy-body like that.


@purplefeather: I revealed my identity to the person to whom I sent a BOC. I figured it would be more fun to keep it a secret from you lot until the recipient receives the required rectangular rhomboid of rottenness. (whew!)


Tracking shows my BOC is being delivered to its target, er, recipient, sometime today! Happy Crap!


I think I might have had the first answer confirming delivery. Mine came last Saturday. Here's what I posted over there:

So I boxed mine up this morning and was literally walking to my front door, box in hand, when I heard a noise out front. It was my box being delivered! Seriously. Was hiliarious. It came from bogie21.

Inside was a fabulously crappy assortment. Mine included:

1 Weird bag - some sort of a hybrid shoulder/fanny pack
6 Beer Cozies (4 Posthumous Pale Ale and 2 Dystopia Dark Lager)
2 Behind the neck ear warmers (I'll need those in Florida! :P )
1 Lighted USB Mirror styled like a ladies compact
1 Kenneth Cole GPS case
1 Sealed Pack "Flu and Germ Protection Supplies"
1 Pocket-sized book titled "Food: Chit Chat For All Occasions"
1 Dog Chew Toy
2 Black Cape Woooooooooot Screaming Monkies

and most hilariously, a few hundred loose golf tees

Nice crap! Thank you @bogie21


@bingo969: Wowser that is some awesome crap! Nice going @bogie21


@purplefeather: I left a note too, I thought it would be nice.

USPS says my person should get theirs today. I can't wait to get mine!


I didn't leave a note, but had the ups person put my username on the return label, it should arrive at its destination in Ithaca tomorrow by end of day...


I like these threads because it's all the excitement of getting stuff but doesn't take up any space for me. :)


My crap is out for delivery today and should be making its way to the person.


My person should get theirs tomorrow. I'm so excited! I hope she likes it. I didn't get a chance to stalk because I'm a doofus who didn't realize that their username was a username but I still hope it is enjoyed.


I literally got a bag of (profanity) ... WTF?


@iggz: are you kidding? or serious? I REALLY hope kidding.


@morriea: iggz is the community troll. He probably really did get a bag of crap, but it wasn't from us. Probably from one of the many people he knows IRL that know he deserves it (we love him anyway).


The one I sent was delivered at 3:24PM.

I am hope the recipient enjoys the crap (NOT literal crap like poor @Iggz)


@capguncowboy: I don't troll in real life. In real life I'm a gentleman.

@morriea: Don't worry, I just put it on my neighbors doorstep. Problem solved.


@iggz: lol for some reason I believe you. It's always the quiet ones :)


HOLY COW! I think I won!


THANK YOU @baybei There were definitely some items in there that we'll use and definitely made our day!


@barkwoot: Could you please make the pictures a little smaller, I can't see them.


Here's a run down of what I got. I'm sure I'll miss about a dozen things as it was overwhelming!

3 Spitball Dart Boards
4 Kids Night Out Bingo
1 Speck Wide Screen GPS case
3pk Mechanical Pencils
1 SOG Hex Accessory Kit
5pk Claire's Barrettes
1 Claire's Barrette
1 Deck of Playing Cards (looks like Lincoln Memorial?)
36pk Cell Phone Wipes
1 Bounce Bounce Booster Pax
1 4-in-1 Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver
1 ReTrak retractable iPod Wall Charger
1 One Ear 3.5mm Mic & Headset
1 Avon Wellness Pill Dispenser
1 Pecking Chicken
1 Lego PotC Barbosa Watch
1 Giraffe Neck Pen
1 Smurf Lunchbox Tin (Stuffed with goodies)
1 USB Cable (Type A -> Type B)
1 XL "I Read The Constitution For The Articles" Shirt
1 Pair Earbuds
1 Pack Shaped Rubber Bands
1 Charter One Band Aid Dispenser
1 Fructis Radio/ Media Player (?)
1 Avon Shamrock Claddagh Pin
1 Pack Bic UFO Pens
1 Celltronix Smartphone/Tablet Stylus
2 Glow Necklaces
2 Claire's Headbands
4 Rubber Frogs
3 Snowmen (Pencil Holders?)
1 Ambien Pen


I got mine today and posted this over on the other thread:
"I received my crap!
What I got:
1 Twilight poster
1 Perry the platypus
several fantastic origami stars (one even made from money) :)
1 pair of 3D glasses
bags of Moon Dough
1 official looking bowling pin
1 bag of 50+ dice

Thanks, @arevan! This was fun and I'd definitely do it again.

I don't know how to embed a picture here, so here's a link: "


2 Horribly Halloween Pony Tail Holders
1/2 12 Pack #2 Pencils
1 Golf Ball (Says Happy Father's Day)
2 Halloween Bat Reflectors
3 Heart Shaped Necklaces with Chinese Characters
1 Christmas Crafts Ornament Photo Frame
1 Postcard From Nova Scotia
1 Sqwinki (?)
7 Assorted Patches
1 Heart Temporary Tattoo
2 Stickers
1 Post Card of an Old House near @baybei with a nice note
1 Woot Flying Monkey with Black Cape


1 Pink 4GB iPod Nano

Wow, that took a long time to put together. Thanks @baybei for your generosity. You've definitely made the day (and ended my case of the "Mondays") for me & my family.


@barkwoot: Oh my! I don't think I sent enough stuff....


@iggz: Sorry about that. I'm not as adept at posting images on deals.woot as I am in the Woot forums...

The main part of the haul:

The Smurf Lunchbox was stuffed full of goodies:


@barkwoot: I am so glad you enjoyed that! I had a hard time stuffing everything in the box, but it was fun! I just hope you can find a use for most of it, lol!

And, I'm very happy to have ended your case of the "Mondays".

BTW, those snowmen are just bendy snowmen, you could wrap them around lots of things, I wrapped them around my tree last year (and I still have tons of them left, lol!)

And the fructis is just a radio, it's actually cute...until the mp3 players came along!


I got mine but I am not allowing myself to open until Wednesday. I was unable to ship until today and figure I should wait, too.


I received my bundle of joy this afternoon. It is delightfully crappy!! My fellow wooter, Miyoshinum5 was so sweet. He enclosed a list of my stuff, which was great since I had no clue what somethings were.

1- woot shirt- medium- "Housewarming Gifts" - sister-in-law's Christmas sock
4- new winter hats - my son and his girlfriend just moved to Michigan for grad school. Now they will have warm heads..

4- 9volt batteries. - Time to change the smoke detector batts. Thanks!!

1- Gameboy Advance SP w/ charger, case and games. Son wants this and the the following video game stuff...
1- Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS
2- Action Replays for DS and Advance
4- iPhone cases
1- Book- Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich
1- empty CRKT box. He got it in a official BOC and just passed it on.
1- origami bag
5- pieces of origami- a frog, boat, lily, crane, and flying crane.

Great fun and Thank you kind Sir. What I can't use will be forwarded in the next round...


Wow, I got mine today - @morriea is awesome! I have no idea how to get a picture here, I uploaded one to flickr but I can't embed it. Here is my list, I will probably need [b]two[/b] posts!!

1 x USC foam finger
1 x book: 1st to Die by James Patterson
1 x Men’s polo shirt
4 x alien deck of cards
1 x yoyo
1 x bag of random electronic stuff (cords, plugs, book lights, etc)
1 x penny (!)
1 x plastic cup
1 x can koozie
1 x sunglasses
1 x whack a mole keychain game
1 x thermometer
1 x kableflags set
1 x weezel ball
1 x soil tester
2 x regular flashlights
4 x keychain flashlights
1 x techpro toolset
1 x cute little teddy bear
2 x antibac wipes (different kinds)
1 x ipod? Usb car charger/fm tuner/aux in
1 x plant vs zombie game certificate for PC or Mac
1 x empty toilet paper roll
3 x tealights
1 x eyeglass case
1 x rock
10 x large craft stampers


(con't from above)
1 x black woot monkey!!
1 x microSD card with Billboard Top 100 from 1992 to 2005
And…as if that wasn’t enough:
[b]1 x Kocaso 7” Android Tablet!![/b]

I can't tell you who is more excited, me, my husband or the cats. Thank you @morriea from all of us for a phenomenal BOC :)


Wow, got my BOC today and it was filled to the brim. Here's a rundown of my stuff:

2x Woot! T-shirts
1x X-small doggie argyle sweater
2x Wine bags
1x HP Bluetooth Dongle
1x iHome Optical Netbook Mouse
1x Toshiba wired mouse
1x Headset
1x Gigaware webcam
1x Male/Female DVI adapter
1x DVI extension cord
1x three-prong outlet extension cord
1x Dual phone jack extension
2x Cable outlet faceplate
1x USB-mini USB cord
1x Doorstopper
1x Small toiletry travel bag
1x Roomba Virtual Wall Unit
1x Self-stick Message Pad
1x Egg slicer
1x Screaming Monkey Keychain with light-up LED eyes!

Many thanks to @Aosborne

Monkey says hi:


I figured out how to embed pictures :) yay me! Here's everything that @morriea sent my way (I forgot to add the seeds in my original posts):
my BOC from morriea


I scored an Epic BOC! Many thanks to @Maggie3052!
I love it! It makes me wish I had sent more to my victim.

Here's what was in there:
1x R/C Truck
1x "Moo-Can"
1x Map light for cigarette lighter
2x Colgate Wisp Mini Brushes
1x Vivitar Camera case
1x Woot! Sreaming Monkey (not pictured)
1x Carolina Panthers Grocery Bag
1x Snap Straw
1x Dale Earnhardt Commemorative Book
1x Hand-crank flashlight
1x USB Car charger
1x Aluminum water bottle
1x "The History of Michigan vs Ohio State" on VHS
1x "Shattered Lies" on VHS
1x USB-SD card adapter
1x USB Mouse Mat
1x Dreamie
1x Spy Net Recording Goggles
1x MyZone Wireless headdphones
1x John-Boy & Billy's Grillin' Sauce
1x pack of shark teeth
3x airline bottles of Makers Mark


Mine was at my door when I got home from work:

Foldable HDMI Cable Extender
Blu-Ray of Horrible Bosses (which I remember wanting to see but never seeing)
2 Matchbox cars
Woot! Calendar
Tennis racket (I think) vibration dampener
2001 Andy Morales baseball card in a neat little plastic holder
Circus Empire PC game with instructions
Windows Vista DVD
Magic Illusion Deck card trick kit
Dickson Theaters gift card (not sure how much is on it)
Bluetooth USB thingie
2 512MB USB drives
Yellow gift bag
4 random Woot shirts in random sizes
Big Fat Liar DVD
"1001 Computer Words" book
"The Thank You Economy" hardcover book

Thanks so much @hackman2007! Not sure what I'm going to do with most of it, but that's half the fun!


@mkdr: Enjoy. I am happy if you are happy.


@barkwoot: Is it just way too cutesy to say, "HOLY CRAP!" ?? What a monster list of crapitude -- someone went all out on your BOC!


Wow! Such wonderful crap! I wonder if I can break into the UPS store and retrieve my box so I can add more!


Crap, I can't remember if I managed to put my username in the box before I sent it. I'm pretty sure I did, but if not, I reveal myself when it arrives. Unfortunately I didn't get to send mine out until today, either. I'm sorry! It should be there by Thursday, hopefully sooner, since it's only going two states away. Also, I'd never gotten a certifiable Box of Crap®, so I was worried that I might have over-crapped, but not now it looks like I under-crapped. I hope it's still crappy enough.


I didn't put my username in or on my box, but tonight in deals.woot chat I let my crapee know that his stuff was coming from me. (I was assigned @arevan)

In keeping with the whole BOC theme, I went with the slowest option that USPS had for shipping (took extra time to compare estimated delivery dates). I personally think shipping it the slowest way possible should have been one of the rules, as well as must use a woot box and must include bags of texas air (people who do not have such things on hand are not really wooters).

Anyway, the USPS appears to have got the whole slow theme because it took them two days to move the box the first 15 miles. It left Jersey City NJ on Monday and is scheduled for a Saturday delivery in IL.


Anyway, I also got my crap today. Thank you studerc!

I got:
(3) bags for crap
(1) bag for wine
(2) hangers
(1) clothespin
(1) unidentifiable cork thing (for wine, maybe?)
(1) super awesome nerf gun with (1) dart
(1) bluray disc :Back to the Future II
(1) box of matches
(1) rubber duck, American
(1) two dollar bill
(1) glo dart
(1) packet of miracle fruit tablets

I've been meaning to get a nerf gun and the miracle fruit tablets for so long now, and always managed to suppress the impulse, so those are awesome. The nerf gun packs a lot more punch then the ones I had when I was kid too!. I haven't owned a two dollar bill probably a decade as well. Overall, this was super fun, and we should do it again.
Thanks again, studerc.


@stark: Glad you like it!

Yes, the cork thing is for wine. Not sure where I ended up getting that darn thing, but I have a bunch of them laying around. I'm also not much of a wine drinker so there's that too...


My package is out for delivery... I hope my victim is aghast at what he receives.


My Crap is here!!!!!!!! My Crap is Here!!!!!!!!!
Thanks.....(insert username here).

1-BRB Terminator T-shirt...IN MY SIZE!!
1-Halo belt buckle (gotta keeps those pants up)
1-2 pk. Travel Jars (Airport Security Approved!!!!)
1-Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle (pieces uncounted as this time)
1-iCarly (someone important?) lockable diary?
1-Flents eye cup (I needed somewhere to keep my eye when sleeping)
1-Nicole Miller For Men After Shave Balm (bye-bye beard?)
1-6 pk. of the cutest Happy Birthday Bear Candles EVER MADE (I wonder if they knew the Panda is not a bear)

CONT....and wondering what I did wrong with the insert image thingy...


the rest from above...

1-book. Paperback edition of The World of Star Trek.(this is the great part...The book is due at Highwood Public Library November 10 1979!!!!!!)-I REFUSE to pay late fees.
1-leather keychain from 97.1 THE DRIVE
1-2 pk. cool ball (Cool!)
1- EARGrips to keep my ears warm while out on the lake!!
1-cassette tape. Duran Duran RIO (Soon to be antique musical storage/playback method)
1-Honest to goodness SOAP ON A ROPE!!!!

THANKS mystery wootizen. It is time for you to come forward and be praised by all for a truly FUN BOC!!


@morriea: 'twas I, good sir. I'm so glad you liked everything (well enough) and the t-shirt is usable! The puzzle is missing two pieces; I believe I bought it that way, but if I find any random puzzle pieces I will send them to you.