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I was playing around with an idea just the other day. Total thought experiment.
What if Adobe comes out with it's own OS. If they drop support for iwhatever and Android could they be a late comer and dominate the market?
Are they being paid to only develop for one OS?
Will they allow google to develop a generic flash player?

Sorry OP no answers for you.


Wow, 9 hours later and nobody has an answer to these questions. I'm shocked.


@cengland0 could it be we are to use the youtube app to watch videos on our phones.... my android browsers are not that good for youtube compared to the app.
With HTML5 there will be no need for flash perhaps they will move to a HTML5 format. Chrome on a PC supports HTML5. I have chrome beta on ICS.

part 2 My guess is you are correct. A blur is less strain then a jerk on the eyes.

I am not an expert just good at guessing?