questionshave you seen shirt.woot's new offer?


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Why not donate them to a homeless shelter or children's charity?


It's a too-cutesie, seriously lame attempt to be funny while sounding as if you're giving Wooters a bennie that you've already noted won't be useful.

Maybe they should have arranged a contest for the best non-traditional use of a t-shirt. A t-shirt hack-off!

As a prize, they could offer an Amazon gift card, since there's not much Woot-crap that would appeal to folks these days.

EDIT: HUH. That's what I get for not reading their page before winging an answer, which I will leave in place as an additional source of entertainment today.


Whoops! Hadn't noticed this, from the Q&A about the shirts:

Q: I don't want an extra shirt, can I make sure my order only includes the stuff I bought?
A: No.


There's nothing really stopping people who get the unwanted shirts from donating them to their local charity. , or actually making something useful out of it. I've seen some really cool re-purposed stuff come from woot shirts, include quilts, aprons etc


great, now I can get one poorly printed shirt in my size and one poorly printed shirt in a size that is way too small. Maybe if shirt.woot focused on printing the ordered shirts properly and not "randomly" printing unordered shirts there wouldn't be so many quality issues to deal with over there...just saying


I personally do not have a problem with it.

I know someone who can wear a small men's shirt - my niece so it won't go to waste. These are fine shirts - not seconds or print errors.

If you don't know someone or don't feel like making it into a tote or pillow, you can donate it to YOUR favorite charity. This way we can spread the love to many charities.

Besides, we get to use the word A.S.S.S.


I think it's fine too. You can donate it to your own favorite charity. You might be a small or know someone who is. Free shirt is always good.
Being creative with them so they are usable is good. Destroying them, just to be unusual and then tossing them would be a waste. Hopefully we will see creativity galore.


You are taking this too literally.


Lots of women can wear a men's size small. So can lots of kids. I know we complain a lot around here, but I am not going to complain about free stuff.


The reason they are doing this instead of donating them to charity is simple: sales. If they offer you a FREE shirt, you're more likely to purchase a shirt you might not have been willing to purchase. It's an incentive to buy. They probably have nothing to gain from donating them to charity, so instead they are using this as a way to get you to buy shirts. I'm sure it will increase their sales, and you get a free shirt - sorta win-win, they if you don't like it, you could always donate it - win-win-win.


I just ordered "The Filthy Hippies"

I'll make a throw pillow out of the free small shirt. Just stuff it.