questionsdoes anyone have playstation plus, if so do you…


I have it and yes, I think it's worth it. I signed up after the free month I got from the Network hack, and also got the anniversary three month extension, so I basically got 16 months for $50. Heck of a deal. If they do that again this year, I suggest it.

I like that it does the automatic downloads/ updates and the free games have been quite stellar this past year. I'm also a huge fan of the online back up it provides. My PS3 just YLOD'd and while I think I may have gotten it fixed, it's nice to know that if it goes up again, I can replace the system and retain my data.

It would be nice if the memberships went on sale, like how one can easily find a year of XBL for around $35, but meh. Perhaps one day.


had it. updates only take an hour or so usually. so i'd rather just wait that hour and play after. video games can wait. there's a whole world out there to enjoy, not just online :P (i am a ps3 fanboy btw)


@drsilentg: That's why you set it to update at 3 or 4am when you're probably not playing :P


Well worth it. They give us free games monthly and not BS games either.
I have gotten Little Big Planet 2, Farcry 2, Infamous 2, Just Cause 2, The Simpsons Arcade, Need for Speed Shift 2, and all 5 Back to the Future games for free and a bunch of others this year alone.

They just gave out The Walking Dead games this month. Such an amazing game.

The only downside is if you let your Plus lapse, then you lose access to the free games forever. It has to stay current.