questionshas anyone installed a talismoon whisper slim fan…


I use the Nyko Intercooler, and i've never had any overheating issues, however I just looked it up and apparently it's not the best for your system.

Now that i've typed this, i realize it's unhelpful, but I refuse to delete it cause it took so much effort to type.


My system hasn't been over heating It's just a little loud like a whirring sound.


@jeremytheindian: Keep in mind aftermarket parts will void the warranty if it can be proven they've been used. It's almost better to let your system die so you can get the replacement.


@woothulhu: Thanks for the concern but, I'm already out of warranty because I bought the system used... :)


I dont spend all day or play my 360 every day. But im gonna get an intercooler though. I aint had my 360 that long. By me not playing it every day it should last me a good while.