questionswhat defines a deal?


A deal to me is something that:

1) Has a lower price than it's normal listed price
2) Is not available at multiple retailers for the same price
3) Pretty much any manufacturer/store $ or % off discount


A "deal" is whatever the OP thinks it is. Others can comment and vote down, but one person's deal is different from another's. Every now and then, there is a posted deal that is so out of the ordinary everyone has a bit of fun with it (and by everyone, I mean with a sense of humor). As long as it does not get out of hand, we can have fun with stuff.

I mean to say, let us not pigeon hole the definition of a deal.


To me, the minimum requirements for a deal are greater than 10% off list and for a limited period of time.

And @morriea, pigeons are never a deal. Maybe a seagull, but never pigeons. :)


For me, deal pretty much equals discount. The bigger the discount, the better the deal.

That doesn't mean I don't want to see anything fun or unique. I quite enjoy all of the interesting/different items posted here (I have a sense of humor, thank you). I just think a lot of them would be considered "finds" maybe, instead of deals.


Deal in my opinion is discount from regular price with a defined end or limited availability. Discounts from list price that are a store standard seem more a regular price even though cheaper than somewhere else.

As far as to post here, I would add more unique and interesting to the mix for fun. Better if it is on sale but I like seeing timely and nifty, too. I do understand my idea of nifty is likely wildly different than most so it is not a good definition.


To me, a deal can be:
1) Item offered cheaper than its usual price
2) Hard to find, highly demanded items sold at "list price"
3) Items I wasn't previously aware of sold at a price I deem to be reasonable for the value the item provides

I do not consider rare items to be a deal unless the price is reasonable. (no million dollar hovercrafts)

Users must realize that a "deal" is a matter of opinion to the potential buyer. They might find the item to be more valuable to their specific needs than you do. Unless you can find a better price for the deal, it doesn't matter if it's being sold at list price because they might find it to be a "deal" at that given price.


A deal to me is:
Any discount on something I need
A good enough discount on something I want to make it affordable
A fantastic discount on something I don't need or want but can give someone as a gift

There are other nuances. For example, if I can get something I need or want at a good price and a portion or all of my money goes to a cause I'd like to support, that elevates it from an okay deal to a good or great deal. For example, pay $2 at Taco Cabana for a booklet with five free bean taco coupons, and the money goes to the Wounded Warrior fund. A discount of about 60% on food I like and all the money goes to a good cause = great deal.


I agree with @morriea, and I confess that the comment that got @inkycatz started on this was mine. Actually, the deal I had posted that elicited my comment was a $6 t-shirt with a funny design and only $2 shipping. I never thought I would need to defend a deal like that!

For most items that seem to be generally available, I check out comparable prices online before I post them. If the price isn't good, or if I find really bad reviews, I don't post. I didn't do this much research in my early days here, but live and learn, right?

For unique or novelty items, and for t-shirts in general, I just go ahead and post them if I think they're funny, useful or if, as I said above, they appear to be something that some other Wootizen might want to be aware of, even if they are of no use to me (Cold weather gear, for example).

As @morriea said, I post what I THINK is a deal. If the item is available cheaper in your local stores, that might not be the case in my area.


A deal is a discounted item from normal selling price. Not just because that website calls it a deal because they finally knocked it down to match someone. I don't mean when Amazon matches Best Buy and what not on movies and stuff, I'm talking ThinkGeek and their "deals" which last forever and are normal price.
Also something that is limited is a deal to me as it's only available for a small amount of time. That seems like a deal to me.

Not "fun" stuff like that Game of Thrones sword throne from the other day, or a "trend". i.e. bacon, zombies, crabs, triangles.
I hate that stuff being posted and actually staying on the front deals page, while actual deals and free stuff gets pushed aside and buried.

This is a deals site to share deals, not a forum. Go post your nonsense in an off topic lounge somewhere.


@wickedd365: Well, I guess that one Wootizen's "nonsense" is another Wootizen's "deal."


@belyndag: If they where actual deals it wouldn't bother me, but majority of it is regular price stuff that people choose to flood the feed with because it's "fun".


@moondrake: I agree with your definition completely.

Would also add that coupon codes count as "deals" for me.


To me (and it appears it is only me) A deal is not:
another bacon related product
another posting for a DVD that has been posted 600 other times for the same price or a dollar or two less
another carbon cubic titanium ring at the same price point it has been at before but maybe a different color or shade
another coupon for the same percentage off the same overpriced store (that everyone here for any length of time knows to never ever pay full retail at that store)
another piece of junk doodad for the same price listed her countless times

Like I said, probably only to me, as I see the same things over and over here on deals. I currently browse deals to find the exception rather than the norm.


I'm also in the same boat as @morriea: It seems to be in the eye of the poster. @ecriscit: Sometimes you have to sift a lot of rocks before you find a diamond. :)


@morriea: Like several others, I'm pretty much in agreement with you.

I'd like to add, however, that I don't care if the same deal is available at more than one site. If it's not posted, I may miss out on it no matter how many sites have it. When I find a good deal available at more than one location, I post the deal for the site I like best but I also add a comment that it's also available at


I often search for Legos, and I have found that wootbot often (or at least used to often) post "deals" on regular-priced Legos that weren't even all that new. Why is that, I've always wondered? I used to comment that it wasn't a deal, but stopped as it seems that no one looked at the posts anyway. I don't know if wootbot does this with other products or not.
Personally, I only post deals that contain an item at a significant discount - or at least what I think is a really good price. I don't mind seeing the fun stuff, though. More often than not nowadays, I just use the search tool here at deals.woot. I don't want to see too many deals because, ahem, I have a problem with buying things I don't need "just because it's a good deal". Sometimes I'm just better off when I don't see all the great deals - less internal torment, lol. On the other hand, boy, I sure do get mad when I find out that I just missed a deal on something I really needed...
:D ~Sharon


To me, a deal is when I can get something for a lower price than usual. This can include a percentage off, or dollar amount off. Could be a coupon. It could even be free shipping from a site that sells things I can get locally.