questionswhen does my woot coupon code actually expire?!


If it expires tomorrow, it will expire at 11:59pm CT tonight and won't be usable tomorrow.


@hackman2007: I always thought it expires at midnight the day after the coupon says so. I just never held on to a woot coupon long enough to even ask myself this question though.


Why wouldn't it expire at 11:59 CT tomorrow night? I've used store coupons on the date that expiration is listed on its face.


@dcalotta: Every time I've tried to use a Woot coupon, I've never been able to use it on date provided in the e-mail.

It could be something was wrong with my coupon or perhaps it has changed recently. I have one that expires on the 15th as well, I'll try and use it tomorrow.

Edit: Or not, turns out it has been used.


ahhh so no sure answers? other wise ima totally buy THESE today

@snapster @brutherford @inkycatz ...idk should I now use your guy's names to call you here, am I wasting your time? :C


I just tried to use my DWSEPT11 code which says it expires today and it won't accept it. The error message says the coupon expired 12/15/2011 which makes it sound past tense. Kinda confusing since that is today.


Me Too, Ohhh well, next time I will know along with everyone else.



yeah same here... just saved me money I guess ha


Yeah, just ran into this problem as well. I kept waiting for a Woot! that I wanted to buy, but nothing called out to me (especially because I had to miss the recent Woot-Off). So I waited until what I thought was the last day to use the coupon, and I tried to order a shirt from the Top 20. I guess my backup plan was baaaaaddd. Man, I'm such a newb. :-(
I can't believe they are unusable the day of their expiration. That's unlike any other coupon I've used elsewhere. It's strange that I have one that expires 12/31. So I can use it any day in December EXCEPT the last day? Why didn't they make the expiration 1/1? Seems tidier that way...