questionsare boc times planned in advance?


welcome to the crapless world of having a day job. You'll deal with plenty of crap at your job, but get none from woot.
unless you can watch a woot-off at work it makes it almost impossible to grab a boggy old creature. Usually the boc comes up between 12pm & 5pm (today being the exception with multiple craps). There are rare occasions (a few times a year) where you can snag them at midnight.


Yes to the random part of your question.


Your question is very philosophical. Are BOCs (which, lets face it, are analogs for a deity/idol on woot) pre-determined by fate/chance, completely random or decided by another benevolent being? Are things just random? Woot appears to be a microcosm of the universe, except we already know the answer to "Why are we here?". Which is obviously to buy stuff.

Regarding your question of whether the universe (wootiverse in this case?) is out to get you or the rest of the working stiffs, the answer is a statistical no. If it is random, then you, as much as everyone else have an equal shot at it. If it is pre-determined, it would not make sense to exclude the people that have the money to purchase items on sale.

This is the first time the BOCs have been staggered throughout the day, which is a relief from the monotony of the old midnight BOC era and the ~5 PM BOC era. I for one welcome this change with open arms.


I never thought that "random" referred to the timing of the BOCs.
I have always thought it referred to the "randomness" of the crap those bags contain.