questionswant to help choose the new cape design for…


But doesn't this leave the fate of the monkeycapes open to non-woot influence as well?


@psaux: yes. but it's a burden woot must bear.


WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK. Maybe some of us don't want one, ok.


Done. Flaming all the way.


@agingdragqueen: Thank you. I've heard others saying you're the most fantastic wooterator, and now I may be convinced myself.


I voted, but honestly it's a little discouraging to see the option. That style is of the kind found on the new-style woot monkeys that have the bandit mask rather than the helmet. Personally, I preferred the old school monkeys with the stitched nose.

Does this mean we are having the monkeys change on us as well? The other style is unique. This style is the same I can get anywhere. Why the change? Cost saving measure or just a temporary change up? I'm getting sad here woot.


@psaux: The rumors are indeed true @agingdragqueen is indeed as fantastic a mod as you've heard.


on my newsfeed, only the first three showed up in the thumbnail. THIS ELECTION IS RIGGED!!!!


@agingdragqueen: If you'd told me a few years ago how much of the internet would run through Facebook, I would've laughed at you. Now, I'm pretty sure we're headed down a path where basic necessities will require me to have an account. Scary, scary.


@saramwrap: It's pretty ridiculous. I think them going public and trying to monetize everything on the site will really drive people away. But there's clearly a public desire for this sort of service- I'm wondering what (or how many services) would replace it if/when it goes the way of Friendster or MySpace.


I voted... but I am curious as to why there wasn't simply a poll here for the woot-off (instead of that sleep poll).


Meta Monkey looks like a robot monkey. Robot monkey will mean the end of civilization as we know it.
That's my vote!


+1 vote for monkeys
-1 vote for Facebook poll
= 0


I also down vote the facebook thing. Can we suggest a note on facebook (if you Must use it) and a link here (or regular Woot!) for the future?


Don't have no facebook page, don't want no facebook page, don't wanna do business with a business that thinks I should have a facebook page.