questionshow do i order the wht. xbox 360 controller for…


Welcome to deals.woot! This is a deals community where members find deals from all over the internet and share them with others They can be voted on, commented on, etc. They're not necessarily associated with any of the woot sites! So when you click on one of the community deals, you're (99.99% of the time) going to be redirected to a third party site with no affiliation to woot.

Can you please link to the website that you are trying to order from? We'd like to help you out but you gave far too little information. I did a search of our deals to help you out, is this what you're trying to order? it looks like it is 8 months old and is no longer valid. The little "RIP" indicates that it is no longer an active deal (sold out, price change, etc). If you want you can read the FAQ: and learn a little bit more! Good luck!


@eraten: Nicely done. Thanks for your civility. We sometimes need more of that when "whitey" shows up. :)