questionswould you let your children play spin the bottle?


I don't think any parent has "let" their children play spin the bottle. They just do it. And, yes, 9 is ridiculously young so we have to hope they are just repeating something they heard from older siblings.

Surely 9 years olds have enough parental supervision to prevent any...well...anything.


For posterity's sake-


As for the Q, that is pretty not okay to let happen. Granted they are young and curious about this stuff as they are now becoming aware of the differences between boys and girls. I remember at that age, some of the boys and girls at my school would get naked and look at each other, but no touching. We just wanted to know what stuff looked like. Of course I'm not saying that was okay, but it's well within normalcy for them to be curious.

9 times out of 10, one of these kids heard or saw an older sibling talking about/doing this and want to emulate them.

If you know they are going to do something like this, tell them the reasons not to do so, but if you catch them doing it, don't flip out. Just explain the reasons why they shouldn't engage in that type of behavior. However, if you find out "Momma Prostituta" gave her blessing for this, flip out on her.


Thanks for your answers!

Well, they have a special decorated bottle that the girl is showing to everyone, so I'm assuming that the mom both knows and is ok with it.


Heck of an assumption on your part that it is the kissing (or more) game. As an example of kid friendly versions, here is an iPhone App to just choose among people for anything.

There are other kid's games like it with the same name.

I am assuming that there was not talk of hanky-panky since you did not specify it. If that is the case...never mind.


9 years old is like 3rd or 4th grade, so no, IMO that is way too young and I don't even have kids. But I remember being a kid and I know my parents wouldn't have "let" me do over half the stuff I did. So that is crazy that this Mom knows they are talking about it and knows they are going to play it.

But then again, maybe their version is different from what the version of the game was when I was a kid!


UPDATE: One of the kids gave me cake, so I'm starting to lean towards it being ok.
(just kidding)

@morriea: You're right, I never heard them directly say they were playing spin the bottle. Here is how I came to my assumption: When each of the guest arrived at the bowling alley the birthday girl ran up and said, "Did you hear what we're doing after this?" Then she proceeded to excitedly whisper the answer. After that she said, "Follow me and I'll show you the bottle I decorated for it!" Oh, and all the girls were talking really excitedly about the different guys that are coming to the party.

I feel that is enough evidence to at least start assuming that is the case.


Ummmmmmm....NO. That is not acceptable for their age.


Seven minutes in heaven was better


No, wouldn't be considered okay by any of the parents I know.

And from the evidence, maybe they are planning on drinking after the bowling party, and she decorated the bottle of hootch.

And I love the tags.


No way is that okay. Even if the kids are teens, what parent encourages random saliva swapping for their kid?


I'm not trying to defend the game or anything, but are you sure they were 9? I see what looks like 8 year old kids driving down the road, but my wife tells me they really are 16.


When I saw the title of the post I was thinking, "No, because my kids are too young." and "I doubt the mom is 'letting' them play."

Clearly I was wrong on both counts! My youngest is 9, and she wouldn't be interested in it, plus that's just soooo wrong. Heck, even my 12yo wouldn't want to play!

I find it very, very icky that the mom knew & allowed/helped decorate a bottle for it. Ew.

I'm going to hope that after they left, the mom came to her senses and stopped the game.


The kids obviously should be older, and they definitely shouldn't have their parents knowing about it.


@heesme: They were definitely in the 8-9 year old range


Absolutely! But, they are both in their 30's. The only way I'd have a problem with it is if they wanted to play spin the bottle together.