questionswhich random shirts did you get, deals?


Didn't get a t-shirt last time, but the time before I got "It Came Out of Nowhere" which I had been meaning to buy for a while, so that was pretty sweet. I've never been disapointed in a random shirt, but it was the first time I'd gotten one I had wanted


@thedogma: I was very surprised to learn that was reckoned. It seems like it was always on the list whenever I checked. Congrats though, that it is a shirt The Doctor himself has worn!


@bmw66x: I missed that episode then, which one is it?

Also I opted for slower shipping.


@killerorca: My mistake. Chris Hardwick (of the Nerdist broadcast,) wore it on an episode of Craig Ferguson in 2010.

I thought The Doctor wore it too on an appearance, I guess I'm wrong.


@bmw66x: Yeah, I was gonna say that I didn't remember seeing the Doctor in the shirt. Nice though!


I'm a tightwad and opted for the SmartPost shipping. I'll check back later.


I kind of regretting it now for not getting a shirt from yesterday.. :(


I forgot to opt for overnight too, so I have no idea.

It did ship already, though, so I should probably find out by this coming Tuesday.


Had a coupon for $5, so opted for overnight this time. I got:

Family Portrait (meh, I'm kinda over the "poor unloved Pluto" shirts)
Lifetime Achievement Award (like the random snarkiness)
Unstealthiest Ninja II: The Unstealthening (it's growing on me)

Overall decent haul, though I was still holding out hope for an Inevitable Betrayal.


@kalira: I might be PMing you about Family Portrait once my randoms arrive, if I don't get one ;) If memory serves we both order the same size!

I never opt for overnight, as my husband is already annoyed with me enough for purchasing yet another batch of randoms, haha.


I got my shirts yesterday. My boyfriend and I each ordered 3 shirts since we missed out on the last random shirts. Boy was that a mistake. Both sets of 3 were identical. We now have 2
Sugar BSOD
You Can’t Catch Me

Pretty disappointing pack of shirts on their own, made even worse by the second bag of the same shirts. :(
Guess I finally get to check out teetrade.