questionsare any wooters affected by the colorado fires?


Not directly affected yet, but likely to be in the future--I'm starting grad school in Colorado in August. Actually, had things worked out differently, we would be living there (and likely evacuated) now. I suspect housing might be a lot more difficult to get now.

I've got a number of friends who don't know the status of their house. It breaks my heart. And you're right, the firefighters are AMAZING.

Hope any Wooters that have been affected are staying safe. I'm sending good thoughts your way.


Have an uncle and his family whose house is in the burn zone in CO Springs. They got out safe, but are unsure as to the status of their house.


We are getting some smoke, but more from the fires in NM.


Not personally, but thoughts are going out to everyone who is in harm's way.


Thankfully, Denver's not affected by the fires, but the smoke from the Boulder fire has arrived.


Got a sad update last night, my uncle was able to confirm that his house was lost. Aside from the obvious emotional component, it was a really great house with a great view, I had the opportunity to visit this time last year when I was in Denver for Tough Mudder.


@dcalotta: Thankfully everyone is ok but losing your home is so traumatic. My condolences to your family.