questionsdid you see the updated information on dog food…


Thanks for the update. Don't use them but it's good to know.


I heard this has so far been concentrated with east coast distributors. Anybody got corroboration for that?


@kerowyn: last I read, it covers 39 states at least. And, it also may cover those not listed due to "distribution channels." For more information, a search will show a lot of sources for the data. Also Purina cat food is facing some issues, but not that which is sold in stores. I need to read up more on it and will bring back whatever I find that is different.


Regarding the Purina cat food, I found that it is a canned prescription food - not salmonella, but less of the vitamin Thiamin than it should be which could lead to problems for an overweight cat if fed this for a long time. Not the same thing.

I did find reference to the following:

This may have been included in the thread posted the other day here.

All I wanted to do was give a head's up to folks about the expanded recall. Don't understand the downvotes, but it is what it is.

The comment was made in the articles about being sure to wash hands and utensils carefully when handling pet foods. I am also thinking the worst case scenario of people who are reduced to eating pet foods as a reason also. Sad, but true.


I'm really kind of surprised that people don't wash their hands after they handle animal food. Of course, I'm also the guy that gives people the nasty squint after they "drop the kids off at the pool" and walk out of the restroom without washing their hands. Come on people, nobody wants your bodily excretions on anything that you touch. Seriously, stop being piggy.


I don't trust the FDA with recalls. My dog has been ill lately so I was searching for food recalls before this came out. Turns out the duck/chicken jerky treats that I was giving her could cause kidney failure yet this is just a warning and not a recall. I don't think this was the cause since I haven't given her any in quite some time but had I known there were problems in the past I would not have ever let her eat these.


@mdoyle1268: I was feeding my elderly cat prescription food that I purchased from the Vet. I really cannot say for sure that it was harmful to him, but it did not help either-and he died of liver cancer quite unexpectedly. I just did not feel good about going back to that vet, so I took the dog and the remaining cat to another one (the remaining cat had been eating the same food out of necessity-he always wanted what the older cat ate, and the older cat would always take food out of the younger one's dish). The new vet told me not to feed the younger one the same food - and gave me a list of ingredients to avoid (mostly chicken byproducts- actually all of the byproducts because those are nasty things imo) and corn meal. I found a grocery-store brand that fits the bill, is cheaper, and the cat has not had an upset tummy since then.