questionswhere'd my deal go? (yep, it's one of those)


Because is forthcoming (please please please!)


Based on some of the comments I saw, it seemed like it may have just been for one region or store? I know I saw some comments indicating some people couldn't find the deal. I don't know if this is the reason it was deleted though (or if these are even factors that affect a deal's "deletability").


If you feel a deal has been deleted in error, please feel free to post it again. (And if it is for one region or store locale, please be sure to be specific!)

If it continues to be a problem, I am sure we can get someone like jumbowoot to investigate.

Disclaimer: Generic advice from moderators on Fridays that don't specifically know the deal in question.


@benyust2: one was a humorous about the store not existing, and someone else misread a similar email. Since it was in-store only, it wasn't listed on the website; I've routinely posted world market deals like that before.

@inkycatz: thanks for the follow up. There were no locale restrictions or other, except for what was in the description. Mostly it is just fricking annoying, and I'm very jet-lagged and irritable. And I'm just getting back into the deals swing after sporadic internet access. Maybe I'll repost tomorrow.


@okham: This is how I see you now :)

ps. get some rest :) it always looks better in the morning