questionswhy was my comment deleted?


I missed them I think but I had seen Ben delete comments before when the didn't pertain to be deal itself


Some of em did wander a bit (of course my post that went off topic from the deal but didn't mention the site in particular is still there), but the majority were directly about the quality of the razors being sold in the deal.


Woot seems to be deleting quite a few comments lately. They deleted the heck out of the negative comments concerning the April Fools Day BOC search.

Thought for the day: Negative comments can sometimes cause positive results.


Please do not delete relative negative comments, I am often introduced to new products/sites on deals and without real honest comments I would not feel confident in trying new things.

You take out the negative you take out the trust.


Censoring got heavy on the shirt.woot side of things too. Posts complaining about the shirt blanks in the shirt's discussion are regularly nixed ... which I don't know about you, but I can't see how minor discussion about the shirt a design is printed on could be considered OFF TOPIC.


I don't mind the moderating.

First off, keep in mind this place is moderated by humans so there is naturally going to be some inconsistency.

As for the negative comments, do we really need a billion comments saying "these suck" or something along those lines? If you don't have anything new to say and are essentially just saying what the previous person said, you shouldn't post.

As for the April BOC thread. That one had a crap ton of comments asking for a hint to the BOC. At one point there were over 10 pages of those! Do we really need these? And yes, they started deleting posts relating to the BOC in the April thread as well, but they didn't have to do at all with the product, just a bunch of people saying (essentially) "Where is the BOC?".


@hackman2007: According to your logic we should also have only one post that says "this is good" and every thread would be two posts one good/one bad.

Anyways, I'm heavily anti-censor and this is just yet another thing that is turning me off to woot recently. This used to be a fun place, but not so much anymore. The changes with the BOC's, raising prices, cheaper foreign shirt blanks, heavy handed's all no good. I know them being bought by Amazon used to be a joke for the changes, but maybe there is more to it after all. Who knows. Also bracing for this to be deleted as well.


I'm surprised considering they threw out the gauntlet with the "jugular vein" comment in the description.

Ah, The Mods! Bless 'em all, even the ones who have itchy trigger fingers. This morning they "disappeared" a slightly weird community question which appeared last night directed pointedly to me. Thank you @shrdlu for tattling on my behalf. I saw your last comment via email notification. I wandered off to the Land of Walmart after reading the whole thread early this AM, and thankfully it was gone by the time I returned (WHY do I do that to myself! Walmart was chock full of hellions running wild & folks with no S/A. None. Serves me right).

The mods seem to leave the very funny & slightly off topic stuff alone. Mods are cool. Every one should befriend a mod. Buy a mod some lunch. I can't suck up any more.


@infernox: I never said there shouldn't be more than one. I said there shouldn't be a billion of the same comment. As a moderator of several forums, I understand the importance of keeping comments on topic and the number of comments saying the same thing. If you have too many comments saying the same thing, especially when there are a billion comments people stop reading (same comments). Even if you think I'm wrong, here is an example. You are a new user to a forum. You see a thread with 50 pages of comments, you know most of them are not going to be relevant to you. Do you read through all 50 pages of comments? Probably not.

As for everything else, nothing is keeping you here. This is a site trying to get money, that is all. Community matters, but in the end Woot needs to make money or everything will disappear.

Also love the downvotes on my comment.

@lavikinga Highly agree. Most people don't realize how tough of a job the mods have. It is not as easy as everyone thinks.


It's their site, they can do what they want.


Do what I do, just blame Thunder Thighs lol

Seriously though, they have been "moderating" rather Stalinesque as of late. Just don't buy as must/as often and bring your money elsewhere. Most likely Amazon bought them merely to put them out of business. Essentially with all these anti-customer tactics they're doing a grand job. I no longer buy my shirts here, when I used to buy about 15 a month. The exception to that is Star Wars/Trek shirts. But the complaints about quality are dead on. They are nowhere near as nice as American Apparal and they shrink horrifically.

I will just sit here and await the moderator to delete this :p

Wal Mart is the devil, they make Woot look like angels. But the angels you see at halloween that just make you shake your head wondering if they looked in the mirror befor leaving the house.


Censorship is bad.... mmmmkay


I'm thinking they either have some new Mods or the message has come from higher up for them to take a firmer hand with us.

Seriously, how many Mods work at one time? They can not possibly read every comment every where, can they? If so, that's an insane amount of stuff to read.


You act like this is something new, woot sold out to the man and now it's all about the Benjamin’s


Woot service used to be great. I remember once several years back, I had a complaint and I quickly got a PM from someone wanting to help with my problem. That doesn't happen anymore. Woot's quality is honestly crap lately, especially on the shirt side. I still come here out of habit, but I don't really enjoy it like I used to.


@lavikinga: I'm never sure which comments/questions will be deleted or modified, and which will be left alone. I seldom vote up or down on sponsored deals (although I used to), but will often read the first few comments, and vote them up if they're funny (or useful). The creep stalker question was weird, yes.

I've seen so many negative comments every single time one of those razor things ends up sponsored that I'd say deleting them all does a disservice to anyone considering their purchase. Paying the price for a sponsored deal shouldn't include having negative comments removed. Please note (for anyone else reading this) that I am not saying this is the case, but merely pointing out that is seems that way.

As I used to hear (ENDLESSLY) when I was young, a virtuous woman should avoid even the appearance of evil.

Just saying.


@shrdlu: But being a bad girl is so much more exciting ;)

@walkingsnake: The fun here comes in waves. Sometimes it's quiet and boring. Other times there are dust ups all over the place and Deals is a free-for-all.


@capguncowboy: I just realized I've been reading your name wrong this whole time.

I always read it as some strange spelling of cajun cowboy.


I'm not sure if that's just another example of woot going downhill. I'm not going to jump ship just yet... but I spend so much money on Amazon, and woot (rather woot deals) comes in a close second... Seems like the partnership has not been a great thing, even though I am huge fans of both companies.


At Woot the trains run on time.


@lavikinga: Being a bad girl might be more exciting, but I've had enough excitement to last forever. I'm looking for calm and serenity (great series, by the way).

It's amazing to realize that adding purple plus black triangles together is headed to 800. For the longest time, it hovered around 80 for black triangles. People are thinking that Woot had changed, but they just don't understand how many MORE of them there are.

Say, anyone seen much of @snapster of late? It's been a long, long while since he showed up around here.


@shrdlu: Maybe he's working reeeealy hard on a new project? WootBook or somethin'.


@narfcake: I agree wholeheartedly with this. shirt.woot forums are very communistic sometimes. But I attribute that to a largely flaming liberal staff ;)


Who else keeps scanning this just to see if a woot employee has posted on it yet? =P


@tossthedice: I am, but that's partly because I get an email every time someone posts.


I'll just add my opinion. Like most of the posts above mine, I don't feel that it is right to remove negative responses to someone's deal, even if they did have to pay for the listing. Doing so seems to give a biased opinion of the deal, meaning that they will do whatever is necessary to keep the paying suc...I mean, customers coming in.


When a small honest company gets absorbed by a large conglomerate like Amazon what do you expect? There are very few companies that large that have any integrity whatsoever


@tossthedice: They've been doing a good job of just ignoring negative posts lately. Lots of complaints in the iPod thread a few weeks ago, wanting clarification about the gen #, but they waited until the sale was over to answer.

I really don't expect any staffers to post here, personally.


@walkingsnake: I don't know, woot has surprised me in the past, so I'm not giving up hope that they will again just yet.

I figure the fact that this question hasn't been deleted is a good sign.


@mkentosh: Everyone knows about project Jabberwocky. What, you don't know?


@figgers3036: So it's true then? Man! Well, wonders never cease.


I have often wondered why there are so many, many negative comments posted by users when a few of the pertinent negatives could merely be upvoted instead. Am I missing something? To me, that would show that a large number of people had the same problem or opinion rather than simply flooding the thread with repititious downvotes.


@klozitshoper: possibly to differentiate between the simple "yeah, this looks like a bad deal" down voting folks and the "xyz happened to me as well and I want to reinforce the point so you don't get suckered like I did" people.


@panthiest: Yeah, but I mean.. it seemed like long ago, Woot complaints were addressed as quickly as they came in. Now it seems like Woot's attitude is "Lets pretend the problems aren't there and hopefully they'll just go away."

And it seems odd that not one staffer has viewed the deals.woot forum in the past 12 hours..


woot mods have been deleting ALL my negative and 100% legit reviews of gearxs sponsored deals. I asked this same question here on the questions side, and was told that because my transaction was over a year ago, my reviews are no longer valid. Bull$h1t excuse if you ask me.

the community deserves to read negative reviews about shady companies/products, particularly when the poster is speaking from personal experience.

Woot's staff is apparently for sale for the price of a sponsored deal.

When you consider that my overall ranking here has been hovering around 25th-45th for months, if not years, I would think that my legitimate negative review would be given a chance to remain posted.


Hmm, title and tags got changed.

I liked the old title better, especially since it wasn't just my comment, but what can ya do.

At least means someone at woot read this.

@walkingsnake just because you brought up it was strange that woot had ignored this thread for 12 hours. Of course, they still are ignoring it for the most part. :\



Just read your question.

Sounds like it's shaping up to be a new woot policy not to allow negative comments on sponsored deals. Depressing.


@panthiest: Yeah, someone at Woot saw this thread but I guess felt no need to address it. I honestly wish more people were concerned about this.

I'm not one to be a conspiracy theorist and complain that Amazon caused every problem in the world, but it's been a clear and obvious decline at Woot lately. But what disappoints me is they won't even address it. They're just ignoring this who notice. Or am I reading too far into it?

I'm getting close to just removing Woot from my favorites so I won't habitually come here. Stuff like this is just saddening me.


I just saw this thread now. I'm frankly surprised and disappointed that not a single Woot staff thought to comment.


I deleted the posts as they were not about the product at hand nor did they give any first-hand experience with the vendor.

This vendor has been trolled in the past by users outside the Deals community and deserves a climate of fair comments and discussion, whether positive or negative.

Sponsored deals are not moderated any differently than any other deal posted on this site.

-End of Discussion-


@thunderthighs: ...?

Several of them were directly about the quality of the razors and how the vendor honed them....


I saw the posts... They weren't off-topic nor trolling. Do we need to start taking screenshots of these comments to prove this stuff?

Why does it have to be the end of discussion? We're not crazy people trying to make Woot look bad, we're users who have been here for a long time and are concerned.


See, I told you Thunder would show up. She always does. :)

On a serious note, Thunder why is that specific vendor being trolled? Are these cases documented? Is it from another competitor? Details such as those could be helpful to know. Is there a means for the Woot Moderators to know the difference? If it is specific screen names that are target XYZ just for the sake of it, then how does woot hope to combat it without stepping on the toes of it's loyal and faithful customers?

I expect a 5 minute presentation, with slides on my desk by this time tomorrow :)


@klozitshoper: As I understand it, the question will sink to oblivion if ppl don't continue to respond to it. Up- or down-voting it won't keep it alive, responses do.

If I'm wrong about this, can someone please correct me?


I think there's not much hope left... Woot staffers are just going to let this drop off the face of the earth without talking to us. Aggravating, I've been visiting here for years.

FYI - slickdeals is pretty good if you're looking for a deals.woot alternative.

Would a "Why won't woot answer my question?" question just be deleted? lol.


@pamfenway: Yep, you're (mostly) wrong on what keeps something on the "top" as opposed to sinking into oblivion. It's well known that the math behind things like popularity and reputation interest me, and while continued comments (activity) do keep a Question (or Deal) active, they do not figure in as strongly as comparative number of votes (is there another recent question with more votes), the aging process (how long ago it was posted), the speed at which it initially accumulated votes, and at which it continues to achieve votes, and the number of views (and voting, up or down, of comments).

It's a complicated and interesting thing. I would say that the people moderating comments on sponsored deals are more likely to be active on deleting comments if the vendor is noticing and complaining (and the razor guy is the type to complain). Any time Netflix is a deal, there are plenty of negative comments, and mostly they stay.

Sponsored does not necessarily equate to good (or bad).


@walkingsnake: You ask Would a "Why won't woot answer my question?" question just be deleted?

It depends. If it's just there to argue, then yes, it probably will be. As unpopular as the view might be, I gently point out that it is their site, and they get to make the rules.

I like and respect @thunderthighs, and I point out that she's deleted my comments (the nerve) when she felt that they should be, or modified them (sometimes at my own request, yes, indeed) when they needed it.

I would like to believe that we could continue to have civilized discourse on this, but the downvote squads seem to be extra busy today.


Just reread @thunderthighs response and I'm confused by another bit.

" nor did they give any first-hand experience with the vendor."

On the main woot site linking to outside reviews gets quality posts. Here it's considered trolling and is deleted? o.O