questionsdon't you wish you were friends with @thedogma ?


30 day subsrciption to Playstation Plus
Flower Seeds
Iphone case
Becks Bottle Opener

This is by far the most fun box I've received to date. My wife and I had a blast going through it.

I suppose it's time for me to start putting something together so I can send it out in the future.

Great haul!


Nice bag!! And awesome of you to take the time to post it. I love seeing what people got in community sourced BOCs!


I'm glad you like it! That got to you really fast!


@thedogma: hmmmm...that Yo-Yo looks familiar. I remember it well. Is it making the re-crapping rounds?


@morriea: There is a chance that it will be passed on yet again. My son wanted to play with it but he's still too small to be able to use it efficiently. It's actually not a bad yo-yo for being a freebie type. It seems well balanced. It's no Duncan, but it would work well for someone taking an interest in the hobby.


@capguncowboy: The beauty of the wootizens trading crap is that everything will end up in a good home eventually! I do hope it does not make it back to me, I still have a bunch to send out....mwahahahaha!


That's some darn good crap right there.


LOL!!!!! Taco Bell Fire Sauce! Thats Awesome!