questionshow do i clean an lcd tv?


Go to best buy and get the Monster screen cleaner. I use it on everything from my tv to my iPad, to my iphone


Screen cleaner - Monoprice

Screen protector - Amazon


All the stains/smudges/marks on my LCD screens have been able to come off with warm water on a chamois.

In addition to a screen protector, have you thought about using a wall-mount? It will be up and out of the way of the kiddos.


@narfcake: i mean this as a question not as a smartaleck response: wouldn't that screen protector cause a lot of distortion in viewing and some in the true color? i just ordered a 32 and already have a 42 so i'm interested in some information please. thank you.


Eyeglass spray cleaner, it's cheap and works on tv's, iphones, digital cameras, mp3 player and laptops. Use an eyeglass cleaning cloth too.


I use basic window cleaner, Eagle One 20/20 glass cleaner and a light microfiber cloth. Clean the screen and the frame with it.


get the little spray bottle of monitor cleaner from staples or office depot/max, and wipe with a soft cotton cloth.

Or do what I do, put it in the dishwasher on pots&pans cycle.


@wickedd365: Not recommended. Most window cleaners are too harsh, and will take off some of the coatings placed on the front of computers screens and LCD/plasma panels. Stick with water or dilute isoproyl alcohol with a lint free soft cloth.