questionshow does your inner nerd come out?


Sorry I have no inner nerd. I don't build rockets, I suck at math and I have never worn a pocket protector.

I do however have an inner Geek (big difference), and make subtle comments that relate to some movie/video game/internet meme throughout the day. Most of the time the people I say them to aren't even aware, but every now and then I meet another person who also has an inner geek and I get a subtle (or not so subtle) response back.

Geeks > Nerds


INNER nerd?

Mine's in the open, pretty much all of the time. Then again, I work in the tech sector, and no one even blinks at my office full of action figures, Star Wars references, or Buffy-inspired t-shirts. In my spare time, I'm surrounded by awesome nerds at my tabletop game nights, Jones Soda tasting parties, and roadtrips to PAX.


@devexityspace: I think the line between geek and nerd is blurring these days... and for more folks, both are becoming more of a self-identity than a derogatory label. I'm fine with being a geek and a nerd.


Not so much inner nerd as a "thats what she said" person.....


Yeah, my geek/nerd isn't so inner. but I also design airplanes for a living, so I'm surrounded by guys (and a few girls) with similar not exactly inner geek/nerd qualities.

But a few stories.
A couple of weeks ago I was working on setting up a rummage sale at church. I was digging through the electronics and got all excited seeing all the different cords, adapters, power supplies and such. A couple of people were chuckling at me as I was sorting old TV antenna adapters and old cell phone connector cords.

I was doing jury duty a few years back in the fall, when the new tv shows were just starting up. During a break the bailiff and I got into an in-depth conversation about the new Bionic Woman show (this was right after the pilot when it looked like it was going to be a good show).

I have used Buffy, BSG, Star Trek, Star Wars and (my favorite) the Princess Bride references for illustrations when teaching high school Sunday school.


I wear my nerddom loud and proud, right on my sleeve.

Not that I'm a completely socially awkward or anything - I'm just not ashamed of doing things like working in the software field, building rockets, dabbling in electronics on the side, etc.

Plus nerds make the best dads - my kids have an awesome collection of totally geeky-but-fun toys (like tons of Legos)


I can't think of any specific example that my geekdom became apparent to others, but I'm pretty open about my love of PC games and my excitement when one I've been watching for a long time finally comes out (like Diablo 3! WOOOOOOOOOO!)

p.s. I think Worf would make an excellent counselor.


@devexityspace: I guess I blur the line between geek and nerd because I seem to fall into both categories. It's funny to me that so much of the, well, let's call it quirkiness, that I tried to hide my entire life is now being celebrated. I never wore a pocket protector, either (most girl's shirts don't even have a pocket) but I did have a slide rule (with a leather holster - a gift from my engineer dad). Hmmmm. I wonder where I stored that.


@saramwrap, @gt0163c, @tsfisch, et al - In the midst of my office bookshelves of reference materials, professional journals, plaques and certificates, I display my collection of Star Trek Enterprise models, a dragon clock, an alien figure, one C3PO figure and an accompanying R2D2, along with a variety of Disney figures. I also have a large basket of stress toys that I won't even begin to describe, but that my visitors love. I guess I'm not as far in the nerd closet as I thought I was.


Does being a major Buffy fan count? I guess I'm out of the nerd closet, too. As if the Legos hadn't already given it away.


Proving my Nerdyness every day on Woot :)


During Marching Band Season


Was at the shore last week on the boardwalk winning some giant stuffed animals and I had to keep getting the staff to put a new prize in this machine because it failed to do it itself.

Finally after the 3rd time winning and needing the staff to reload a prize, the staff member came up, loaded the prize in the machine, turned to me and proclaimed "My friend says the force is strong with you", turned and gracefully walked away.

I laughed a bit to myself and walked away.

To those wondering the game, basically its a claw type machine with a gate in the center. One prize sits on the gate and there is a light wheel that sits at the top of the machine. 80% of the lights say 1 crank, 4 of them say 2 cranks, 2 say 3 cranks, 1 says instant win. You keep playing till you crank the gate enough to release the prize. Then a claw should go pick up a new toy and drop it on the gate, this one would not do that. Won once by opening the gate, 2 times with instant win back to back.


He doesn't. He's too busy writing code.


I think this question would be better asked: "How do you keep your inner nerd/geekdom suppressed?"
It comes out ALL the time!