questionswas there a recent update or something?


Sounds like you've been hacked! Change your woot password as soon as possible and verify that your email and shipping addresses associated with the account hasn't changed. Those devious hackers don't want you getting your daily digests! You didn't start this fight, but you can end it!
Also, be sure to update your computer's antivirus and be sure your firewall is enabled. If your woot settings change again, destroy your computer, buy a new one, then move to another town and use a new ISP and network hardware. Better safe than sorry! Those daily digests are worth getting at any cost!


@bsmith1: I actually think destroying the computer and skipping town would be step one. Step two, change your name and social security number. Step 3, no bank accounts. Live off the grid (except for your access to


My suggestion is just pray. Lock your credit .turn off your gas and electricity. cancel your subscriptions. Wait for the Alien invaders to take over planet Earth. Oh I am sorry that's kind of excessive just for a minor bug in the system, just change your E-mail pass word . I am sure there is no such thing as SPACE ALIENS.