questionshow can i thank jumbowoot?


Nice work Promyst -- have any clue what it was for?

That's incredible. I really admire deals' dedication to it's supporters.


@capguncowboy: ...Your deal was the cream of the crop on 7/13/11...

I have to say I am more excited over the letter than the iPod, as weird as that sounds! :)

And thanks!


@promyst: IN THAT CASE. I'll give you 3 letters. You give me an iPod.


He might be trying to sway you to make an Apple app instead of an Android app.
(Please don't)


That's awesome man! :D Congrats.

It's great to see a company showing appreciation to its fans.


@skippykj: don't worry I will always be an android fanboy by heart :)


I'm just glad someone phrased a thank-you note as a question!



Regardless of why you got it, the generosity of the deals staff, @jumbowoot in particular is something to shout about. Kudos again for the excellent treatment of your customers!


Thanks everyone!

@claudicina: Definitely! It's very nice to see a company take its contributors/customers so seriously.


Yes and please thank @wootbot for packaging up the iPod Touches without even one going missing like before. That was not his fault!

And be nice to him today. Thank You.


So far Jumbo has given out: a $50 Best Buy gift card, an Atari gaming thing, free shirts, free shipping vouchers, and now an ipod touch. This is seriously the coolest customer appreciation I have seen from any company. Bravo to @jumbo and the whole woot staff. Congrats to those who have won! If you haven't, keep posting, you never know what's up the woot sleeve.


To actually answer your question, Promyst, I don't think a bronzed 1:1 scale statue of JumboWoot is out of the question.


@jumbowoot: thanks!

i had a room full of people when the package arrived. to concur with @promyst, i was joyed at receiving a hand-written note as it's so much more personal than something machine generated. but when i opened the box and a touch was inside, my gathering was in awe. i then had to go into an explanation of why i received it and further into explaining what deals dot woot is. kudos to you!

i can say this without any reservation: @jumbowoot and company goes above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel a part of the 'team'!

thanks again!


I don't believe it until I get one