questionswhat are some "can't miss" blu ray's i should get?


I'm still not sure where this question is going, but I would suggest choosing some movies on DVD that you like and buying those on blu-ray. A "top ten list" would be way too subjective.


At quick glance, almost all the blu-rays on my top 10 list are either animated or sci-fi movies or television series with some variation of "Future" or "Star" in the title, LOL!


I made sure to get The Life of Pi, The Cell, Hero (Jet Li), and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on blu-ray, as those are the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. If I collected National Geographic films I'd want them on blu-ray for the same reason. But I dislike the sharpness of blu ray for regular viewing where what I am mostly looking at are the interactions of humans. It looks like a soap opera or documentary to me. I suppose I will eventually get used to it, but for now I really don't care to see the pores and nostril hairs of the actors, thanks.


If it is both a movie you really love and a movie that is very visual, go for it.

Some of my favorite blu-rays: Lord of the Rings, Dark City, The Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Leon The Professional.

Here are some good deals right now:

Kick-ass for 7 bucks:

Fight Club $6:

Pulp Ficion $7:

Terminator 2 $8:

Full Metal Jacket $8:

Dark City $8:


Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Indiana Jones, The Expendables...

I'm on the couch and can't bother to look at my collection...


Top ten? Let's see. Lord of the Rings. Life of Pi (3D), Avatar (3D), Dark Knight Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy, Harry Potter Collection, Avengers (3D), and just for the visuals - Inception, What Dreams May Come, and Beasts of the Southern Wild. In the future, the Hobbit Trilogy. (I would love to see Lawrence of Arabia in a higher definition some day as well, it may be out, but I haven't seen it). Anything with great visuals plays better as Blue Ray on a big screen.


Just picked up Alien Anthology for $18.99. Awesome set!


But what movies are a must-buy for my Ray-Ray player?


If you have a good sound system, the Serenity Blu-Ray really makes use of it.