questionsled vs lcd tv for rv use? need a 22" +/- 2 that…


Considering that monitors can be found for as little as $100 for 20" or more, RV's aren't necessarily great off-road vehicles, monitors have no moving parts to shake or rattle or roll, and the mounting hardware can somewhat isolate a monitor from what it's mounted to, why worry about it...?

On the other hand, if it's for a black ops tactical command center you have nearly unlimited government funds to procure whatever goodies you write the purchasing specifications for, so why worry about it...?


LED technically is LCD. LCD can be either LED or fluorescent.
anyway, LED all the way. Less power that traditional fluorescent LCD and in my opinion, better picture, and someplace like an rv that's off-the-grid I'm assuming every watt counts.


especially if you want it to take temperatures, LED is the way to go. LED TVs are cool when they run, while an LCD is hot. Also, you are running it off of the battery, and an LED takes about 60% less electricity.


LED's would also be less vulnerable to shock, as compared to the fragile CCFL tubes.