questionswhat is your favorite search engine?



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Google only, when I accidentally hit a Bing PC I change it to Google. LOL my spell checker is fine with Google but not Ping Bing.

Sorry @okham: I was typing my reply and got uninterrupted I agree with you.


It really depends what I am looking for. I use Google for 99% of what I need. I use Yahoo search if I am looking for a certain actress in a scene and refuse to give Mr. Skin a dime. And on a VERY rare occasion I will use



You can keep your targeted ads, google. I never see 'em anyway.


Google. I took Google's powersearching class and it really made it much easier to find exactly what I'm looking for without a bunch of garbage results when I search.


I switched to because if i want an answer it's always the first response. Google has it programmed to give the answers that make it the most money first, but you can't beat it for maps. Yahoo ain't that great in my opinion, and Bing is way down my list at the bottom of my go-to engines. The results you get vary dramatically with the word and/or words you use to search with - that's the real skill needed with with any search engine. That's my 2 cents, but as usual, your mileage may vary...


I use and depending on what I'm searching for.


I've looked at duckduckgo based on extensive "tracking" done by goorgle. Then I got "don't track me" extension and don't worry about it.
Bing? Is that still a thing?

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@ohcheri: Thank goodness your tag was saved by @okham and by @caffeine_dude. it's going up as one of my favorites.

I just want to point out that Google is not the most popular search engine in the world. That "honor" falls to Baidu. Here's some fun links (in no particular order). (it's a wrapper for Google, and stands for Google Shell)

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Plus it's like almost embedded on Chrome.

Did you know you can search the exact phrase/words of what you're looking for by simply adding quotations to the search?

More here:


What are these "search engines" you speak of? Are they powered by coal and steam?


Google is my favorite. Wolfram Alpha is great for doing calculations (if only it was available when I was in college...the time it would have saved us). But I've been using Bing more recently due to the reward points.

Bing works okay for a lot of searches but Google works better. If I can't easily find something on Bing I'll switch to Google. Or, if it's a more complicated search I'll go straight to Google to start with.


Hmmm -- for several reasons, Google is my first choice,
though for certain reference searches, produces unique answers.

When checking movies & actors, the Internet Movie Database is unbeatable. http:\
I use Amazon when looking for customer reviews of products.

If I am browsing, trying to flesh out certain ideas and concepts, I'll browse Wikipedia looking for linked articles. There is a surprising amount of detail on some subjects, but a little reading on Wikipedia often suggests a better approach or phrasing for subsequent searches.


Bing works great for Technical issues.
Yahoo for News
Google for everything else


I pretty much use Google. I am almost always able to find whatever I need. I sometimes do use Bing though I like that they feature a different photo everyday.

Hmm... I should also point out that Bing actually provides the search results for Yahoo. Yahoo instead provides the news/media content for their website. If you ever do a search on Yahoo and scroll to the very bottom of the page you will see in tiny font "Powered by Bing™" lol.



I used to use dogpile but somehow that transitioned to yahoo. I still use yahoo when the firewall blocks ddg.

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