questionsanyone want a $100 adwords credit? (i have three)


Wow. Thanks for being generous. I can't use them but I'm sure someone will use them.


Can I use an Adwords credit on Youtube?

If so, I would like one please to help advertise our two man Youtube channel.


We have about 139 subs, and we are always looking for a way to make more.


@teenracer6: I'm pretty sure you can, I'm not an adwords expert though. I've used Analytics for years, and Analytics was the one that sent me these (asking me to join a new program they are starting), so I honestly haven't messed around much in Adwords.

Anyways, I'll let this run for the night and just pick 3 people at some point tomorrow.


My brother is kicking off an new webcomic next month and he'd love to use this. You are a generous soul.


I'm about to launch my own ecommerce site. I'd be interested.

(you all will be the first to hear about it.)


I was thinking of cornering the market - Imagine this - A website that sells only ONE thing a day! And then at midnight - A totally different new thing! I promise to keep the price low and - well, shipping may be a sacrifice. I will take one of these, but I have to think up a catchy name for the site first.


My mom could definitely use these for her site that I manage for her.... Thanks for offering them up!


Really nice of you! Trying hard to promote our new dinner cabaret series with little to no advertising budget, could use the charity to our little arts organization:

Thx :)


I have some as well, not sure why google send them to me I just own a personal blog...

If interested, let me know I'll be please to forward them as well.

@linuxtrance: great idea of yours!


got any left :(

I could use them for my website


@veropierre: Awesome, well looks like we can cover more than 3 people now. It's helpful if people explain why they need them, as opposed to just saying "hey I'd like one".

How do we PM people on here? Is it possible? Lol I didn't really think this through very well!


@linuxtrance: you can't PM people here. but, if you go over to the regular woot forum, you can.


@nekkyj: Hey, can you link me to a post you've made on the woot forums? That way I can pm you a promo code, thanks!

@carl669 is there any way to find posts people have made? Any way to search them out I mean


Can I get one? I will need it badly.


@linuxtrance: not sure if you can do that.

easiest way would be to go to the 'everything but woot' forum ( and have the people you picked leave a message there. then you'll be able to PM them.


@carl669: I honestly had no idea about those forums, lol. Thanks for the heads up!

Ok, so people who get picked, just post in this thread so I can PM.