questionsdid you see that the bacon shortage report was…


Are you saying we were conned? BaCONNED!?


tl;dr Bacon will be more expensive after it gets cheap for a little while.

There will be a corn shortage, and then a pork shortage (when fewer pigs go to market during the high corn prices). But right now, people are dumping beef and pork and the market. If you have a freezer, the next few weeks are the time to stock up on beef, pork, and bacon.


Fools! The mass hysteria created when it was announced there would be a bacon shortage prompted the powers that be to release a falsified report that there would be no bacon shortage! But those of us who really know what is going on have already been preparing for the porkapocalypse! I have a dozen swine already living in the basement, and they are mine, all mine!


@jsimsace: Nah. Not with the CEO being a dumbass...


No bacon shortage at my local super. I just bought five pounds - that's right, FIVE POUNDS!!! - on sale PLUS I had coupons.

Oh wait, there may now be a shortage at my super.

All Teh Bakunz R Belong 2 Me