questionsdo you know what the antechamber of doom looks…


Wow, tried to make a clickable link for the fullsized image and the new picture code turned it into a displayed image rather then a link right as the edit time expired. Sorry for the double image post, still learning the new image system.


This is now the closest I will get to a BOC, since I refuse to join social networks. I was wondering what it looked like, thanks.


@pickypickypicky: Get on chat and usually someone'll post whenever one shows up on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus. You're not guaranteed to get anything, but you'll be more likely to get one or at least be close to getting one.


The picture does not do it justice, it just doesn't look the same without all the bubbling and churning


At least Woot hasn't lost its sense of humor. Very funny. :-)


I like the Antechamber of Doom....if it does what it purports and is not just something to keep one occupied while others rush the site to claim a sack-o-shhh.

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been there. waiting. while hubby across room went found site, logged in and got one. so disappointed in the antichamber. have heard several people say this same/similar type experience happened to them.


Unfortunately I am way too familiar with it. :(