questionsanyone have experience with the hp "leap…


Looks like it would be perfect for using with Gmail Motion:


@omnichad: I'll bet that would work well. But it will be a cold day in hell before I sit in front of my computer moving around like a mime having a seizure!

That's what I mean about it getting annoying- the uses seem limited and just as easy to accomplish with "old fashioned" technology.


@tcayer: The link above was an April Fools Day joke of theirs from a few years back. But someone's actually gone and done it:


I'm curious about its accuracy of "reading" the user's hand movements and how narrowly focused its "reader" is. Will co-workers, children, and flight attendants walking past be able to affect it?

If nothing else, it looks as if it will provide a lot of entertainment value for those around its user.


@magic cave: That's why I'd like to hear from someone who's used it. What about random movements? Will it stop playing music or videos if you move in front of it? Will a non-precise movement wreck your gameplay?


@tcayer: And what would happen when the kitty jumps into one's lap and begins waving at something!


Well, I ordered it for $1123 shipped. I guess we'll see how it goes...