questionsdo you have any weird ticks or habits?


My left leg will move in a slight up/down and very rapidly when I have too much energy or anxious.

I will put my bed against a corner of my room and there will always be a pillow covering the space between my bed and wall while I'm sleeping. Also, no hands or feet can be outside the bed while sleeping.

Those are the mains ones. I've been called out on the leg hyper-movement so many times.


my entire LIFE is a series of weird ticks & habits.

have to fall asleep with the tv on. if no tv, i can substitute poorly with a radio, but usually i can't fall asleep in such cases.

OH! i flip my coasters whenever i am out at a bar/tavern/whatever. my stupid little hands have to be busy.

i prefer to sit with my legs folded "indian style," unless i'm, you know, wearing a skirt.

i drive with my left leg resting on the dashboard. (it's an automatic.)

i could go on & on & on......


@pemberducky: I can't fall asleep if a TV is on anywhere in the house...


I do not like my back exposed when sitting in a public places. I try not to use public bathrooms,because I'm vertically challenged, and pad the toilet seat so high, it's an acrobatic nightmare trying to perch just right, lol


ok. i know this is weird, but i'll sometimes, unknowingly, i'll imitate a bobble head. seriously, my head will just start bobbling. sometimes i catch myself doing it, other times, someone will just "that's a great bobble head impression!" and i'll just laugh and say "it took a lot of practice!"


Proof that we all have a little OCD at times.

I spin my pen around in my hand all the time, I bounce my legs around (both up and down AND side to side) and I bite down on my teeth. I really hate public restrooms as well. I will leave friends at a public place to go home to use the bathroom (not sure how to say this elegantly, but only to take a "the letter 'C' in 'BOC'").

A weird nervous tick I have is that when I get stressed, my left eyelid flutters up and down rapidly. It is only my left eyelid and in order to stop it I have to hold it down.


- When I eat burgers, I set the burger down sesame seed side down.
- When I drink coffee, there's usually a little bit of coffee from where my lower lip touches the mug/cup. I will lick that so it doesn't run down the mug/cup.

Also, like the OP, I am an habitual neck cracker.

That is all you get for now...


I'm another fidgeter. I almost always have something in my hands that I'm fiddling with. I've found it helps me pay attention better.

I feel really weird getting onto a bike or a tall stool from the right, has to be from the left. I think that's due to spending a good bit of time around horses a while back.

I tend to pick up other people's mannerism and sometimes accents. I don't do it on purpose, it just happens. I still sometimes, when I'm tired and frustrated, scratch at the side of my face. It's a habit I picked up in college, studying for finals with guys who didn't shave much during stressful times. (I'm a girl.)


I hope all you Woot brothers and sisters are spared ticks. Tics I could see living with, but ticks are a whole nother story.


I crack my knuckles/joints as often as I can.

I like to fidget with pens or lighters.

I have a tendency to own as least one POS car at any given time, preferably more.

Listening to news/talk radio/podcasts while I work actually helps me concentrate. Music works, but not as well. If it's silent, my mind wanders all over the place.

I gain a Canadian accent when I'm drunk, though I have only been to Canada once. I'm from the South, to boot.


@gertiestn: lol, so I guess all my nervous tics are due to Lyme disease? Usually I catch spelling and grammar errors, even if I don't bring them up. Surprised I missed this one. Thanks.


No, im normal. what is wrong with you people?


@gt0163c: Glad to known I'm not the only one that picks up people's accents ( and occasionally mannerisms too). I have lived on the east coast, west coast, north and south, and people always ask me what country I'm from. I'm like, "here"!!! Even in high school people used to think I was Canadian because of the way I say "about", and I have never even been there or knew any Canadians at that time. Now, people think I'm French, Hispanic, Canadian, or European and I am none of those.

Also, when I sleep, I have to have some covers on me no matter how hot it is and arms underneath them. I get "uneven" for lack of a better word, and constantly have to switch sides while I sleep. I can't even get out of bed until I am "even".

I have many others, which would explain why I am considered a great catch (haha), but that would take way too much space.


I've had a couple real bad motorcycle accidents and there's a few quirks.
And no, I don't ride anymore. This is LA, and the insurance docs called DMV.
I have early onset parkinsons. And arthritis. And some numb spots and areas.
Sometimes a few fingers, a leg, or an arm will just twitch or jiggle. Mayne a little, sometimes maybe a lot. I might not know, or maybe not know right away. Bothers the wife more than me most times. Once I know about it I can concentrate and stop it, but if I relax, or I'm focused on something else ... jiggle wiggle can happen.
Anybody else remember Grandpa (Amos) from The Real McCoys? I'm kinda like the large model of that guy, with a few more quirks.