questionswhat makes you down vote answers here in theā€¦


Let's see...if I don't like the question or the answer, if the answer is wrong or too off-topic, or if the question just strikes me as smarmy or whiny, or if you can't figure out how to email service@woot for your problems, or if I think the question or answer is an obvious attempt at gaining Black Triangle points, or if your avatar sucks, or if I've had a bad day, or if I don't feel good, or if I'm tired, or if you think you're funny but you're not, or if you look funny, or if I know you in real life, or you try to go all political or self-righteous, or if you start a flame war, or if you are trolling, or you can't be bothered to spell correctly, or if you use 1337-5p33k, or you type n txt lang, or if you insist on using poor grammar, or if you can't remember the difference between your and you're (or their/there/they're), or if you're @iggz .......


duplicate questions = duplicate answers


Looks like @lumpthar got them all.

Seriously though I downvote questions it they are something that has been asked a million times/could be read on the facts. I'll downvote answers if someone is being mean/rude or answers that look like they didn't even read the question.


I rarely downvote. In the comments section I generally only downvote comments or questions that seem malicious. I don't downvote comments I disagree with, even if it's something I feel strongly about. I value oppositional viewpoints. But posts that are just intended to stir up discord or just mean-spirited will often get a downvote.


The little arrow BELOW the number as opposed to the one above.


@moondrake: Seconded. If some one has a different opinion then let's debate, who cares about arrows? If someone starts off a differing opinion with something that basically is like saying, "Dear cheese-eating throwbacks from the underworld. I am brilliant, and you are wrong in whatever words come out of your filthy, rotten, name-calling mouths. So there." Then I'll down-vote them for acting like a pretentious twit.