questionswhat's the best way to sell used books online?


Amazon has a cool buyback program which gives you an Amazon giftcard - but usually gives your more credit than just selling your books. *Just as a note, you do not have to purchase the books through Amazon for them to buy them back., through eBay, is a simple way to sell your books for money. You can usually list the ISBN number, condition, and price, and it will do the rest for you.

edit: Although is an eBay company, it operates much differently. I would prefer it for selling any media material.


Here's a thread about selling used books asked just 5 days ago:

your question is more direct (asking about selling online) but that seems to be the only answers given in the other thread.



I've used for selling textbooks in the past with great success! I've had good success with other books, mostly crafty/quilting/decorating books. I haven't tried to sell too many paperbacks, etc.


i've used both and, posted as a used book and described the condition accurately. also it's best to sell right away! like if you take the final, then that same day post it for sale. the way universities are switching out their books, you will lose if you wait


I've almost exclusively used for all my college textbooks. Haven't used it for novels or any type of fiction, but I assume it is just as easy.

You can always go the craigslist route if you are feeling adventurous. I would suggest that if you arrange an in-person trade to save on shipping, meet somewhere public and frequented by many people. All my in-person trades (on craigslist and have been at libraries or public parks.


I sell em on amazon through the marketplace. I also buy em there. Since I buy em early before all the cheap ones are bought out and don't try to list mine as the absolute cheapest (plenty of copies will sell, so if people are undercutting by too much just ignore those) I sometimes actually make a profit.


I know that if you work hard at it, eBay is probably the best way to make the most money (though you may have to re-list every now and then).

I opt for Amazon. If I post my books at a price just lower than the current lowest price, it almost always sells within two days :)


You know, this sounds kind of interesting. I have lots of technical books that are still useful, but that I no longer have interest in. Amazon has the "would you liked to sell your book back to us" and I've just been ignoring it. From the sounds of this thread, maybe I should get serious, and clean up before the usefulness in them is gone, baby, gone.

Thanks for asking the question, @patentdude.


Since there are some great answers above, here are some other options:

*Post them on
*Donate them to Goodwill and reap the glorious tax deduction!
*Make furniture: |
*See if Woot is willing to buy them from you


I have been able to sell all the books I needed to sell on Just list them there, it's very easy and the interface is much more user friendly than or Ebay. And most of the time, since my books' conditions are stellar and I price them right, I could sell all of them within a week.

I highly recommend it.

vote-for4vote-against has been great I have swapped all of my books for movies and games.


Thanks to all who commented. I'm old and stuff so we're talking used books rather than textbooks. Here what I see for both and
Charges a 15% commission and credits what they determine to be the likely shipping costs, which may or may not be correct.
Charges a 15% commission + $1.35 closing fee + $0.99 item fee and credits $3.99 for shipping. The item fee is waived if you pay $30/mo. for their "Pro" merchant program.

What confuses me are those selling their books for less then $1. Wouldn't the minimum price be over $1.59 to break even?

My math is if a Pro Merchant sells a book on for $1.60, there is a $0.24 commission + $1.35 closing fee = $1.59, leaving a profit of $0.01 (and that has to cover the $30/mo. charge) Are they making out on shipping for less then the $3.99 credit?


Here's a nice calculator to see how much will charge you for listing and selling your item.

Additionally, it looks like you CAN shipping books via Media Mail for less than the $3.99 credit *(e.g. less than $2.50 for a one pound book).

However it's a good idea to create a shipping label. Looks like you can do that at or download an app from USPS at

Anyone know of other ways to print such labels?


@patentdude: You know, you did restrict this to online book sellers, but I just wanted to point out that there are often book dealers who specialize in used books, and that you may have better luck there. I live in the middle of nowhere (pretty much), and I still have access to one. If you count Hastings then I have two (I almost never go in there).

I may take some stacks of books over there later in the week, and see what I can get for them, before I bother with Amazon. I really appreciate your further information in this, since it sounds like it wouldn't be all that beneficial to list most books with them (although I think that the Amazon offer to buy books from me is different than just listing them).


Amazon just posted a free (for now) kindle book on selling used books online:


@llamabox: I love that books-to-furniture link!


I've alway use I've used other sites in the past but found We Buy Books to pay the best prices overall - I always compare before I commit!! :)


Some places buy textbooks and some places sell textbooks (and some do both). One of the sites a lot of college students use to sell textbooks is (sell textbooks only) because they're one of the companies that pay the shipping on the books they purchase. Another way to sell books is to use an auction-style website, or even selling directly to a student via student-oriented or sales web sites.


In my opinion what you really need is an overview of the prices which the different online selling websites offer you. There are so many different sites and you can't really decide where to sell it. I recently discovered such a website. It is called I can explain how the website works but I think it is way easier if you just check it out on your own: