questionsface-kini, would you wear one?


I'm one of those wearing-less-in-the-sun-equals-more-fun people.


"Added benefit: The face masks were initially designed to protect from sunburn but it turns out they are also quite handy at repelling insects and jellyfish."

Also quite handy at repelling the opposite sex :-)


Urk. They remind me of the compression masks worn by people who have suffered bad, bad burns and are trying to limit the amount of scarring afterward.


Looks like something you'd wear to rob a bank when it's too hot to wear a ski mask.


When I saw facekini I thought you were talking about wearing a thong on one's head, which can be quite entertaining if properly intoxicated.

But I don't get the concept of going to a nice sunny beach and completely insulating yourself from sun, sand, and water. Might as well stay home and look at beach pictures on the internet.


My second thought: Chinese marketers are better than ours.


I'm actually speechless on this one. I may think about it and come back though. :)


As a person who burns at the mere mention of the sun, I think this is a handy item. However, I don't understand wearing a swimsuit and the mask. If you're trying to avoid wrinkles, you'd want to cover the rest of you, too, no?

Also, I attract enough attention at the beach when I go in the water fully clothed in a sun hat, or carrying an umbrella. Looking like a burn victim or armed robber in addition to looking like I'm mentally unstable is just one toke over the line.

(Why go to the beach at all, you ask? I love the sand and water, and it's hard to get friends to go with me in the dark. Plus, when it's hot as hell out, I love bobbing in the water in a lifejacket holding a beer. Very relaxing.)