questionsif there was one item that was a 'must' buy for…


More LeakFrogs - one can never have too many LeakFrogs.

If you haven't picked up a Sunbeam Garment Steamer yet, I would highly recommend it.

Also I am really enjoying the Carol's Daughter moisturizer I got from Accessories.woot this week. Will definately buy more next time it comes up.


Everybody could use backup Sansas. Great for gifts.


Need a good exercise bike at a good price.


@hot72chev: They had leak frogs on Woot Plus and they sold out before I got some : (
Well at least they had them, eh ?
A move in the right direction or throwing us a bone ? or just a case of leak frogs in the back warehouse?

To answer the question : I would never turn down glow sticks.


Kai Tan Ren knives. They're great blades, and affordable. I've been watching for over a year for a Chef's Knife and Utility or Paring knife set... but no dice.


Shoes! .. sandals, wedges, platforms, heels, flip flops, etc. but as they don't have an awesome-shoes-I-love-but-are-too-unconfortable-to-wear.woot, I think I'm okay :)


A first aid kit (which I found and am thinking about) and a reasonably priced exercise bike - I know that's 2!