questionsdid anyone else notice/have trouble tagging a mod…


AFAIK, automatic tagging has NEVER been a feature on the discussion threads there; it's only here at deals.woot in which it works.


Beckoning works only on Deals. Sorry.


It's important to note, also, that the person you are trying to summon via a mention here on Deals MUST have that option turned on. I've often turned it off, and I'm not sure which the default is, now, for new accounts. I would hope that the default is off, and suspect that it is, since it would otherwise be quite confusing for new-to-woot people to suddenly receive emails when mentioned on deals dot woot, esp if the were not aware that deals dot woot even existed.

@thunderthighs, sorry to disturb you on this lovely Sunday morning, but do you happen to know whether the default is set to off or on for notify-if-mentioned?


@shrdlu: No, don't know the default off hand.


Well my brain is obviously shot. It's not like I'm new. Maybe TT or ROGETRAY or whoever was just around when questions asked on Woot proper and I assumed that feature was working. or maybe it is b/c it works w/ a reply and I forget that was it.
Or maybe I dreamt it. OR maybe it's been a long long weekend.
Apologies for my forgetfulness .

Thank you for your kind responses just the same.


Over on Woot proper, you have to have the correct rings and the correct combination of people in order to summon. Since the rings have been lost to the ages, it is unlikely that the power will ever be seen again.