questionscan you help me choose a travel guitar?


I don't really have an answer but I'd like to suggest one like this one (starts about the 2 minute mark)


No... I know nothing about guitars... thanks for pointing that out :/


I was gonna suggest a Rainsong, but your price is definitely not theirs. It is pure graphite/composite so tuning & such is much easier from climate to climate.


I had the pleasure of working on a baby Taylor once - those things are great! They sound wonderful and they're really well built for what they are.
Keep in mind what rlapid2112 said though - if you indeed travel between wet and dry climates, the neck is going to be all over the place - if you feel comfortable adjusting your truss rod though, you should be fine.


All the guitars are available through (shudder) Amazon. Also have a number of others available like the Martin Backpacker...


@ryanpblyth: I was able to try out the baby Taylor and I liked the way it felt. I own a Taylor 210ce already as my main acoustic so I'm pretty familiar with them, I just was thinking of maybe the Martin or Alvarez for some tone difference. Also, I know the Martin is all laminate which would normally be a negative, but in this situation it may be a plus since it won't be as affected by the climate changes as solid wood. I'm just having such a hard time deciding because I almost always actually play a guitar before purchasing.


Baby Taylor all the way. Baby and Big Baby play really nice and have great sound for the size.