questionshow do you stop bananas from ripening so fast?


When they ship bananas from other countries, they are green and would never ripen on their own.

They take those bananas and put them into a gas chamber full of ethylene and that starts the ripening process.

The bananas then start to produce their own ethylene and continue to ripen. You can use devices to capture that ethylene and keep it away from the banana and it will make them last longer.

I have tried the green bags that are supposed to do this, they are completely worthless.

There is a device that contains a pump and keeps your fruit into a vacuum. This might help.


Buy them very green and hang them on a banana hanger (available from dollar stores to BB&b) in a cool place out of direct light. Also, only buy what you can eat in a few days, or plan on making banana bread.


I hate that too! I toss them in the fridge and it helps a lot.


"The ones who lived through the great depression. The ones that made a one inch piece of meat into a feast. "

They did it by not complaining about brown bananas, perhaps?

Regardless, I agree. I buy them when they are just starting to ripen, and still a little green - since I'm not eating one the same day I shop. They seem to last longer when placed in a spot with consistent light. If I keep them by the window they brown quick... Could just be my imagination, however.

Buy quality bananas. The Stop & Shop sale ones are browning while they're still green. Seriously... How does that place cause food to go bad so fast? Some Stop&Shops have Equal Exchange co-op bananas. $2 a bag, but will last a week. Tastes better, too.


Separate them from each other as soon as you buy them.


The gassed green bananas you will find might stay greenish and develop brown spots because they are actually ripening on the inside and not showing their natural yellowing indicator.

Separate the bananas. If you fridge them, the peel will brown, but the inside will stay fine, not over ripened.

Be sure to wash your bananas!!! If you ever wonder why all of a sudden you have pesky fruit flies in the house, their tiny eggs are on the banana peel and as the banana ripens, they hatch out.


Just buy as many as you eat. I usually get 4 or 5 for the week, anything else spoils.


@zippy the pinhead: I have to agree. Hanging them makes a couple of days worth of difference.


@zippy the pinhead: I stopped using my banana hanger for bananas. I hang my tomatoes on still on the vine. They keep for 2 weeks.


Leave them on a banana hammock until they're completely yellow. Then put them in the fridge. The outside will turn brown quicker than normal, but the inside remains fresh for a few days longer than if left on the counter. Takes them forever to turn into mush with this method.


Use a banana hanger, and don't plan on having them last more than about 4-5 days.


@firebirdude: A banana hammock? My wife bought me one of those to wear on "special occasions," but I never thought to use it to keep produce from ripening too quickly...


My wife wraps them in newspaper. They stay good and well-informed.


I have some of the green bags (given to me as a gift), I'm not sure if they actually work or not though, still giving them a try. Hanging definitely helps though. If they get too ripe just make some banana bread it's super easy! Here's an easy one Just use real butter and add a tsp of vanilla!


I stick them in the freezer when they turn yellow.

Then every night I put a frozen one in the fridge part, and by the morning I can eat it with my cereal. They last 2 weeks this way. (I buy 2 bunches)


I buy a bunch of five every week and eat them each day for breakfast and for some reason they never go bad in those five days. I've sort of developed this "banana vision" to pick out the best bunch that will last and be edible the first day.

I keep them out of sunlight but in open air. I plan to some day get a banana hanger when I can justify spending $5+ on a piece of wood with a hook. I feel like I like put one together for 20 cents...


DO NOT PUT IN FRIDGE. I did this and I had petrified bananas the next day.
Separate them and place in cool, dark place.