questionswhat is up with tattling?


i tattled a couple pages of certain poster's yesterday and was amazed to see that they were disappearing almost as fast as i was tattling. my tattle meter seems to be about where it's normally at (pegged).


My tattle meter was broken for a long time then started working again. It seems to me that if it starts dropping, just a handful of tattles will get it back in perspective. It usually appears to take a couple of days for it to be reflected on your meter. I'm not saying that you should wait to tattle, we should always be vigilant!


I totally agree and thanks for saying something, I thought it was just me! I almost feel like the more expired deals I tattle on the more that becomes expected of me.


My tattles appear to be ok, but I have had some lags before. Hope your tattles get recognized soon.


It seems tattles take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to be reflected on the tattle-o-meter. Hang in there, I bet your meter pegs to the right in no time.


@jsimsace: Well put.

I don't really care about my rep too much. I wont lie though, I did enjoy the cowboy invasion when @capguncowboy and I were 1 and 2, but if it dropped down to 90 I wouldn't really mind. I just happen to have a high rep most of the times because I have a woot addiction. I do like keeping the community clean though so once every week or two I'll search something like Black Friday, Christmas, or past holidays and that is always a quick way to rack up 15 tattles in ~10 minutes.

If you're looking for other great keywords to tattle seach "Today only" or just "only" that will usually pull up the "this weekend only" or "Friday only" deals too. I'm sure there are other great ones I'm forgetting but that's just one additional one.


I normally start at page 2000. Today I reported a deal a day site (forget who, had shoe in the name) that had 155 pages of deals, none of which I could find were still valid. I don't see them anymore.

I am starting to report people as well as individual deals (like nycloseout). Seems effective.


@cowboydann: Thank you for the compliment, but I am still learning after <1 active year here. I think that your suggestions are awesome, and I will look into them.


I tattle when searching for something I want to buy and every/most links are to expired deals but not RIP. I find it frustrating when searching for something I want to buy, it makes me wish tattling had a bigger impact on rep.


My tattle meter is at about 80% and it has been at least a week, maybe two, since I last tattled anything. (I'll have to see if I can pin it down any more precisely.)

I need to be up until at least noon tomorrow (at hospital keeping an eye on daughter unit 1 during a sleep-eeg), but I forgot my laptop's charger so I may run out of battery before I get much done.


@lichme: how are you getting tattling on people to work? i've tattled several that have rediculous amounts of old stuff that isn't active and it gets ignored.
i've even went thru a few weeks ago and started leaving comments on vendor's most recent post telling them they need to "help keep deals.woot clean by expiring your old deals. deals.woot is not a self expiring site." surprisingly it worked on several of their sites, but the worse offenders ignored it. i eventually just started hunting a poster and i've been tattling her deals (she had 91 pages with 20+ pages dating back two years when i started, down to 70+ pages and only 3 pages of two years old now.)


Does anyone know if the tattle score is related to a percentage? like a percentage of all the tattles within a given time period? Because if it is, you might have me to blame for part of it. I've never tattled until about a week ago... in this week I have tattled over 50 deals (all of them over a year old) from what little I know, this seems to be a LOT of tattling, but now I know how it works. and that many tattles has of course made my meter max out. my black square has made it into the top 100. maybe someday if I keep it up, you might see my in the list of the top 15, but my goal was only to see how hard is was to be "black"


@theant: 50 isn't necessarily a lot. in the last two days i've done 45 from one person all over two years old, plus the usual duplicates and not allowed post tattles as they appear. but good for you (and us) for starting to tattle. we need a lot more people tattling to get this site cleaned up. that and to shut down wootbot for a while--last i checked he was over 35000 deals-thats 2335 pages!!!