questionshow do you get something for nothing?


I found that a ski mask and banana in the pocket work well. But that could be the meds talking.

In addition to the ones you listed, I like retailmenot, and fatwallet can be a good supplement to ebates.


I like Mr Rebates (dot com)


The movie theater we frequent has a rewards card. Not only do I use it for my purchases, when I am going with a friend who doesn't have one I give it to the cashier when they ring up their purchases as well. I get a free popcorn or drink every couple of months. Right now my tightest saving arc is on dog food. The dog food I use is quite expensive, $54 for 30lbs that last 3 weeks. At Christmas the store offered a $25 gift card for every $100 gift card bought, and I bought two $300 gift cards which were converted to $375 gift cards. I signed up for the store's loyalty program, and every couple of months they've been mailing out a coupon for $20 off a $100 purchase, so I go in and buy 4 bags of food on the gift cards, resulting in a net savings of $45 off each $100 purchase on an item I have to buy anyway. I'm also still using the $25 gift cards I bought for $20 at Taco Cabana, I go in after 4pm and get half price nachos, so that's something like 70% off my favorite fast food.


I don't want to rain on your parade, but I bet if you added up the time you put into each of those ventures vs the value of what you get out of them, you'd probably be shocked by how little you get. I doubt it's even a dollar an hour, and maybe even considerably less. You don't notice it because unlike a job it's clustered into just a few minutes here and there, but it's still a pretty big waste of time. If your boss told you they were lowering your pay to 14 cents an hour (or whatever) you'd probably quit right then and there, yet people still enthusiastically sign up for sites where you pretty much do exactly that.


snatch and run

I use Bing Rewards for free Xbox points and Hulu.


I look at Slickdeals every day. I have gotten so many things for nothing. Slickdealers are the best at finding great deals. I have deal alerts set up for things I am looking for, so I receive an email when a deal is posted. Currently I have $75.00 in free Best Buy Rewards thanks to the trickery posted. I have gotten excellent deals when price mistakes are posted. Most of time, those deals are canceled but when they go through, they are worth the effort. I have enough pens & sharpies from Staples to last a lifetime! Thanks to another post, I also joined Shop Your Way and receive free rewards points and I feel like I have robbed Sears and Kmart because they ship me free stuff all the time. I also have free Shop Your Way Max so all my shipping is free. I never bought a thing from Sears or Kmart until I joined their rewards program but I can always use garden tools or a specialty tool and if it's free, it's for me! I also use Ebates so generally I make money on every transaction.


@xarous: I totally agree, but at the same time, the cost can sometimes be insignificant to me.

@starblind: I would be a fool if I were trying to support my family this way, but I'm not. I participate in these programs because they either require little or no effort on my part or I actually want to do them. Things like Swagbucks or my MediaInsiders app required an initial sign up whereas I do surveys for e-rewards when I need a break from everything else. I don't get much out of it and that's not my entire reason for participating, but when the rewards come, it's kind of like finding a $5 or $20 bill your coat pocket.


@starblind: Comparing the use of non-work or unpaid time to getting a salary cut isn't really an accurate statement.

I'm retired (it still feels weird to say that!), so my time is currently free. If doing something that takes me five or 10 minutes nets me a few dollars, I'm up for it. I'm not much of a coupon clipper, but I buy coupons from clipping services and usually net about $25/month in savings. I also know a fair number of working folks for whom those little increments of spare time which lead to a few extra dollars are a worthwhile investment.


@justagigilo85: The initialisms TNSTAAFL, TANSTAAFL, and TINSTAAFL are all used. The one I put was the one I was familiar with reading Heinlein.


I only use e-rewards. Usually good for 1000 points per month on Southwest Airlines.

If things stay the same, come November I'll have enough points for a free one way flight to Las Vegas. (That was the goal when I joined)

Well worth the 20 to 30 minutes a week it takes me to complete the surveys.


Wow! Some great ideas here that I'm not currently doing. I thought I would toss in that I save mycokerewards points. Since they capped out the offerings at 2000 points I haven't seen anything on the regular list I really want to buy with my points other than the coupons for free Coke products, but we drink enough of those to make it worth spending a few minutes each week inputting the point codes.


@starblind: See I disagree. IE: I was buying a plane ticket the other day. So I log into ebates click the link for the plane company buy the ticket for $600 and get 2% or $12 back for all of 5 seconds of work. Then I went and bought two ipads for roughly $900 at bestbuy getting 1.5% back $13.5 for another 5 seconds of work. All you do is click a link these sites make you money. Not enough to quit your job. But if your already buying a tv, ipad, planes, hotels, etc.. large ticket items. You can pay for lunch.

Now if I were going out looking for deals and having to see which gives better rebates ebates, mr rebate, etc.. sure. But I keep it centrallized using only ebates.

Also ontop of the % back from ebates. I get another I think 2% back from my credit card and at bestbuy i get another 1.25 points per dollar spent and for every $250 spent i got $5 more back.

It really does add up and requires very little work. in total I got like $68 back between those two purchases.


@bill7718: One way ticket? Planning a Leaving Las Vegas style Vegas vacation?


Be an attractive woman.

In all seriousness I'm pretty lucky, my Mom and many of her friends are couponers and get all sorts of goodies for free. Deal sites like Woot help me save money on stuff I want to buy, and Bing Rewards and my debit card rewards score me freebies on searches and shopping I'd do anyway.

Making friends and spreading the knowledge, coupons, deals, etc. all help to. Kind of forms a community, I got your back, you got mine.


@dravack: Use this link to compare rates on the popular cashback programs....


@missellienc: Well then. That makes my life easier. Guess I'll be using multiple now and saving more money XD Thanks! <3


My preferred method involves dividing by 0 in strategic locations.