questionsanyone know a source for a inexpensive 3 monitor…


i second monoprice. good prices and lots of variety


I have started to see value in pvc pipe, it is cheap, easy to cut and assemble. Plastic pipe is like $5 for 12 feet and the elbows are $.50
I modded this for a display without a stand
for your 3 displays perhaps you could use this design.


@caffeine_dude: That design is very close to what I had come up with on paper except I was using a larger T joint that the smaller supporting pipe would slide through so you could adjust the monitors left and right, plus plus tilt. I was going to use a set screw to hold them in place once done.

I like this one as well though, may have to consider it.



It isn't cheap, but I have had firsthand experience with Ergotron. As far as I know, all their multi-monitor desk mounts have the option of screw-in and clamp.

I bought their dual-stacking arm mount and it has served me well for the last 4 years.

They do have triple-display options, but not with articulating arms. Honestly, I would go with the dual and leave the other one on its original pedestal stand.