questionswhat magazines do you have subscriptions to?


SI, Maxim, Popular Science and Food & Wine.


I subscribe to tons of magazines. Basically anything I can get for free on the web, with airline miles that are going to expire before I can ever use them, Coke reward points, etc. There are a surprising number of magazines you can get for free. Most of these go directly into the "sell to Half Price Books" box. About every four to six weeks I sell them and get enough to finance my comic book habit.

The two magazines I actually pay for and read are Wired and Entertainment Weekly (although I've been getting that one free for a while now. I think that was a Coke Rewards deal). Wired I usually read cover to cover. All sorts of great geeky stuff in there. Entertainment weekly I at least leaf through, sometimes read the cover articles. Mostly this is a remnant of being a volunteer youth leader with my church. I found it a good way to keep up with mainstream media that my kids talked about but I otherwise didn't care about.


Popular Photography and Taste of Home.


Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, and Food & Wine


Wired and Time. Wired has the best tablet version that I've come across, as well.


I have the free Smart Computing on my IPAD and none through the mail. I let them all expire because I threw tons of magazines away a couple of years ago that I had not had time to read. My six-week hair appointment provides me with the National Enquirer, People, US Weekly type of reading, which I look at in th check-out line at the store and wonder who would buy that!!


Haven't subscribed to a paper magazine in at least a decade.


@wilfbrim: Seconded. I've also found that tablet versions of magazines are just as dated and useless as the dead tree editions.


Only recently started subscribing thanks to freebies and sales via woot.

Taste of Home
Popular Science (still waiting for the first issue)
Wired (still waiting for the first issue)
Rachael Ray (free)
One of the Horse magazines (free, I forget which because I just hand em over to my mom)
Oprah (free but hasn't yet arrived so maybe not)

...Oh, and Game Informer, since I'm a rewards member at gamestop. But I think that expires this month.

I also kinda-sorta subscribe to Allure and Lucky, a friend subscribes and as soon as she's done I get them ;D

I had no idea Half Price Books takes magazines. I always trash mine. Hrm.


Only 1 now - Architectural Digest. Got it at a price I couldn't refuse. BTW: My local library loves to get these as donations. AD is pretty much timeless. Fun to drool over the beautiful homes.


Outdoor Photographer is the only one I currently have, although I am paying fro subscriptions to a Handyman magazine and some science magazine for my best friend. The subscription I have had the longest and read the most has been Entertainment Weekly, but I don;t have it right now. When I was married and cooking for two I enjoyed Bon Appetit and Food and Wine.


I have several free ones that I casually look at then recycle.