questionsanybody have a dicks sporting goods coupon?


I have a...oh, I read the rest of the question. Move along. Nothing to see here.◔_◔


I'm on their mailing list and $10 of a $50 purchase is the normal amount I see. Sometime there will be bigger coupons but they usually require a much larger purchase.


I have a $10 off any purchase of $50+. Expires 12/31/13
It's part of a BSA Camp Card.


Being a runner myself, I'm going to share some advice. You may already know this, and if you do, I'm sorry for being repetitive.

There are three types of runners: those who run on the outside of their foot, those who run on the inside of their foot, and those who run with the center of your foot. The goal is to run using the center of your foot, to decrease impact to your knees/rest of your body. There are certain shoes that will adjust to your running style, to help you run with the center of your foot.

If you do not know what type of runner you are, and what type of shoe you need, I suggest going to a specialty running store. One where the people know what they are talking about. Yes, you will pay more money. Yes, it is not the Wootizen way. But if you don't, you have a better chance of hurting your knee again.

The right pair of running shoes will cost $100-120. I was shocked the first time I bought them, but they do last for around 500 miles.


Whatever you do, don't check google images when looking for these coupons.


No coupon, but for the sake of your eyeballs, DO NOT FORGET the "sportinggoods" part of the URL. You CANNOT just use the name!!! What has been seen cannot be unseen.

True story - just wasn't thinking.


@75grandville: LOL I
Thank you for the warning.

Who's bright idea was to name the place Dick's anyways?


@75grandville: on my browser just bounces to

edit: typing the url; clicking on the auto-linkage in my post didn't seem to work right.

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@no1: Maybe the domain has changed ownership in the last couple years. Maybe I tried the singular instead of the possessive.

All I know is I saw what I saw, and I wish I hadn't seen it; I always type the whole thing now, and am not interested in figuring out what I did wrong last time.

Especially from work.

@drsilentg: You can buy discounted gift cards (10-20% off) from gift card resellers, and stack that discount with the online discount code. But only if you have a little time, and like being especially frugal.


@no1: Good to know. Thanks. Wish they'd done that years ago!


I also vote to go to a running store. Get fitted for a proper pair of shoes. I didn't when I started running and ended up getting a stress fracture in the arch of my right foot (mostly because I was running on concrete sidewalks way too often and too soon).

After you get fitted and get some miles on a good pair of shoes, then you'll be able to go to other places to get shoes. Online stores have a lot better prices if you know what you're looking for, but running shoes are something that you need to buy locally first (with a fitting).


@xdavex: will you be using it? i chatted online and they said without a bar code on the coupon they wont use it.... i'd be interested in your coupon if you dont mind :)


@craigster38: i did the water test and it seems i am a neutral. so i can just search for shoes that are for neutral runners? or do they do something different? also is dicks not a good "running shoes store?" i googled it and dont seem to have any actual running shoe store in my area


@drsilentg: No running shoe stores in your area makes it tougher, but not impossible! I am in no way a professional on this subject. So anything I say, cannot be held against me. =]

I have not bought running shoes from Dick's, so I cannot comment on whether or not is is a good running shoe store. The good thing about being a neutral runner, is that there are more options! I know, I am one as well. The problem with Dick's, is if you go in and tell them you need a neutral shoe, chances are, many people will not know what that means. So I would do a little more research, and find out how you tell if a shoe is neutral or not. Then go to Dick's, and see if you can spot one!

I am not quite sure how to determine is a shoe is neutral, myself. I always go to a specialty store, and they pick them out for me.

Plus side, most walking/everyday shoes are made for neutral feet. So chances are you, you wont have to buy an insert to correct the arch in a shoe!


@craigster38: thank you for the info, im going to shop today! i might just use my phone and compare their website list of neutral shoes to what htey have in stock......


@craigster38: was a good experience, opted for these
and i had a coupon for 10$ off 50$ or more, but it was in store only, purchased them through a kiosk at the store since they didnt have my size, all i have to do is bring the packaging slip and my receipt to the store w. the coupon and they will refund 10$ for the coupon, very excited!


heres a promo for code for 10 off 59.99 or more online code is FCTFF5YKJ