questionsdoes woot have email notifications for comment…


Go to and select "mentions?" under deals.woot, which will let you know when others mention you in comments. Then, you should get an email if someone uses @tossthedice (as @professore did :P).


@cityonthesea: Hahahahaha yes. The joke's on me, I thought it was on by default and @tossthedice would get an email about it.


@w00tgurl: Reading you loud and clear, over.


See how funny that would have been?


@professore: lol - I was wondering if anybody else noticed what you were getting at. That had to confuse (or irritate the hell out of) @tossthedice heh..

..Actually, one second.. He SHOULD have actually gotten an e-mail when you posted that comment - since your comment was a reply to a question that he asked. :D. BAM.


if someone mentions me by using @ in front of my username, i get an email that says "_ _ _ mentioned you on Deals.Woot", even if i already have the option checked to email me if someone comments.
if i'm not mentioned using the @ sign for my username, and i chose to get emails if someone comments, the email i get is this instead "_ _ _ commented on a Question on Deals.Woot"

so if after changing the settings in the account page, there's a way to test if you're getting the emails for replies or just for subscribing to thread comments. depends on the email wording at the top