questionswhich cable and internet provider should i choose?


Data limit on ATT huh? I don't believe I have this restriction with my U-verse package. That being said, I totally love it. Beats all other cable providers around here..


Check local reviews of their services. In my area U-verse is utter garbage. When they expanded they did virtually no updates to the system. So all their junk is crammed on aged material, wires, and stuff that wasn't made to hold it all. Plus a cap on data? I hate to see that crap. Mostly because it's crap.

Links to possibly help.


There's no cap on my U-verse account. It's also the fastest and most reliable provider I've ever had. In more than three years I've never had a single outage. I still have service when the power goes out since my router came with a battery backup.

But skip their TV service. It's overpriced and the picture quality is low compared to regular cable or (especially) an antenna.


Choose? You have more than one?



We have TWC. Try calling a couple of times on different days to negotiate a better deal. They will guarantee the rate for 12 months and then jack the rate up with no notification on the 13th month. Ours went up 125%. I called, complained and spoke to customer retention. They offered me pretty much the same program for the same rate for another 12 months. I only have another local co-op to choose from; which is double the rate for ½ the service, so we’ll stick with TWC for another year. Only the rate is guaranteed for a year, we can leave at any time. We are also not capped on usage. Hope that helps.


My mom has U-verse and my only complaint is the Wireless Gateway, it's a piece of crap. The 1st one failed immediately and I had to take it to an UPS store to return it. The man said they ship back at least a dozen a week. U-verse does have a data cap. They sneak that in and don't tell you about it.

From AT&Ts fine print....
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet:
Speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Speed claim(s) represent maximum downstream capabilities. Many factors can affect actual speeds, including the use of other U-verse services. Service and speeds are not available in all areas. U-verse price includes 250 GB of data/mo.

I have Time Warner Road Runner and it has been awesome. I had some issues in the beginning but once they installed the big flex line cable, it's been smooth sailing. I also negotiate the price with them every year so I can't complain.


I have U-verse, and I'm happy with it. Much better than my previous cable provider.

That data cap won't be a problem for probably at least 95% of people. Only the heaviest downloaders will run into it. (At least for now, in a few years, I'm sure we'll all be using more bandwidth as HD streaming continues to expand. But I wouldn't worry about it for now.)


To be honest, both are going to be comparable. You will hear good and bad reviews of both. For me, my only choice was Time Warner Cable and most of the time it is OK. Keep in mind the speeds advertised you will never see (I pay for 30/5, but realistically only get 10-15/4). If going with TWC, try to cash in on the $150-200 gift card offers they have floating around. These may be local, but I see them advertised all over.

The good thing about AT&T and TWC is both are very large companies so are active on Twitter. I don't have U-verse, but do have cellphone service through them. I have found getting them to do something is much easier through Twitter.


Sorry I have no info on Uverse. My only option in Central FL for cable is Brighthouse (TWC by any other name). Can't use Dish - too much rain, storms, etc. Horrid reception, so I've heard. And believe. Did have cable w/Brighthouse, phone & internet connection w/Century Link, my local telco..

Switched to a package w/BH....includes internet - high speed, no data limit , cable (basic w/2 dvrs - no premium channels), land line including all long distance. I am more than pleased. Less than what I was paying for the 2 different companies. By far. Have had much better internet & telephone service.

Good luck to you in selecting what's best for your needs.


You'll be fine on 250GB. I use a good amount of bandwidth and watch netflix 8 hours worth of Netflix a week or more. I've only gone over 150GB once in the last 2 years. Never close to 250GB.


250GB is a lot more than you would think. My wife and I both worked from home, she a college professor, and me a software engineer. We would also do a lot of streaming - 4 or 5 movies a week (2.3GB an hour for HD per Netflix), and used Pandora a lot, and rarely went over 200GB.


Thanks for your input everybody! Sorry I haven't replied - I just got a chance at work today. I ended up going with U-Verse. The plan is $95 and I get a $200 GC as a promotion (which amounts to a little more $16.50 off every month if you think about it like that). The internet speed and cable package were much better than TWC, and hopefully I have no issues with the download limit... Which is the only thing I worry about if I am running at 18 Mbps as their plan advertises.