questionswhy is the bilderberg group so secretive with…


Filthy, stinkin' rich people from the world over who don't meet in order to plot global economic domination. They just get together for chips & dip and chat sessions. By invitation only. Interloping is heavily frowned upon. And guaranteed no one from the AtC is in attendance. We know about it, so how secret is that?
For a good time, put on your tinfoil hat and google "Bilderberg Group illuminati."


Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are planning the destruction of the economy in order to take over the world. Wait and see, wait and see. And I said why are they so secretive about what they do, not about coming together. I think you underestimate the power in that hotel.

Attendance List-

Bezos, Jeff, Founder and CEO,

Hmmmm... it's all starting to make sense.


@iggz: Perhaps we should've sent an invasion of crabs?


because all the conspiracy nutjobs out there keep bothering them.

If every time you got together with your friends, a bunch of asshats started throwing bricks through your windows, wouldn't you keep stuff secret?

Your questions implies that rich people have fewer rights to privacy than you do.