questionsdoes anyone else get that sinking feeling when…


I think for now people are just experimenting, hence some unnecessary (and uncalled for) downvotes.

I don't think an explanation will be necessary. I expect storms of downvotes today, which will gradually tail off over the next couple of days towards some equilibrium. I've been on some forums (most notably FatWallet) that allow upvoting or downvoting of threads, and I think there won't be any serious issues. The reasons for most downvoting is readily apparent.

Longterm, I think the only things downvoted consistently will be (a) clear spam, (b) controversial deal posters, or (c) deal "themes" that people don't like, such as the crab revolution.

But for what it's worth I'll upvote you to offset one of the the extra downvotes :)


I don't feel a thing, this is going to be a very interesting social experiment, and a reflection on people's behavior.

Mostly, integrity, selfishness and laziness. We will see what happens after the features settle down into normal routine.


@novastarj: At some level, questions that don't add anything to the site will catch some, too. From some people, anyway.

Aside from that, the downvotes are mostly just a new toy that everyone's overzealously sinking their teeth.


I downvoted because the term is "Deep-seated"


@jai151: Grammar is a biggie for me too.


@novastarj: Thank you. I understand that everyone is enjoying their POWER today and that weird things are going to be happening all day. I am not upset by the negative vote, I would just like to see some kind of justification.

@trahentis: Everyone likes playing with new toys.

@jai151: I guess I should have paid more attentions in class when I was there.


Internet, what did I do wrong?