questionswhat's with the media not talking about ron paul?


The media reports the news: The news is what the media reports.

-Trust No One-


The media focus right now is on the next primary in South Carolina, where Paul has no chance at all of winning.


I listen to conservative talk radio and Ron Paul is discussed - a lot. If you don't like what you are hearing from your current news sources, perhaps you should change. You might still not like what you hear, but you'll hear more.


He was interviewed on the CBS morning show after the NH primary. I became interested in what he had to say based on - excuse me for forgetting - a fan here who talked about him a lot with regard to wishing to see him get the nomination several months ago.


I haven't seen one Republican running who's worth voting for. While they all have one or 2 talking points I can agree with, (And it's usually a different point between each of them.) everything else that comes out of their mouths is either insane, retarded, nonsensical, or intolerant. If you could strip away the dross of each of them and combine the good qualities, you may have enough left for a good, viable candidate. (But even then, I wouldn't hold my breath as there might not be enough good left.)

Having said that, my opinion of pretty much every other politician out there is about the same. Yes. I'm intolerant of politicians. ;)


Well, there's really not much to report. They all sound the same.
They all lie cheat and steal, and there's not a lot of difference betwixt them all. They have voices in their head that tell them to do things. Like Son of Sam, they call these voices "God". Being "conservative" just means being a minion of the 1%. Somehow us bottom 75% are the enemy of the state. We're the bad guys for wanting what we paid for. And Ron Paul is the oldest, tiredest, least energetic of the bunch; at this point his job is to drum up some of the fringers, and donate them to a larger candidate for a favor to be collected later.


It's the liberal media conspiracy.



Has Paul said or done anything new lately that is either groundbreaking or significantly different than the rest of the pack? Has he said something about how much he loves firing people or launched a series of attack ads after promising not to do so? He has continued to refuse to discuss his opposition to gay marriage in a rational manner instead of changing the subject to polygamy?

If not he's not going to get the same level of attention.