questionshave you heard about the hack?


Thanks, just changed my password. I've had an authenticator for a while now, so no worries really.


@xarous: FYI (from the faq

What information related to Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators was exposed? What about Phone Lock?

With regard to Dial-In Authenticators, hashed (not actual) phone numbers were accessed. This is phone data from the relatively small number of people who opted into the program.

With regard to Mobile Authenticators, information was taken that could potentially compromise the integrity of North American Mobile Authenticators. We have no evidence that other regions were affected. We are working quickly to provide software updates to users.

Additionally we believe the integrity of the physical authenticators remains intact.

The information relating to Phone Lock represents a small number of hashed (not actual) phone numbers from Taiwanese players who opted into this service and had a North American account.


No, I haven't heard. Thanks for the heads-up!